Cisco Systems Inc.: Collaborating on New Product Introduction Case Solution

In November 2007, an international team, multi-functional Cisco Systems, Inc. was to obtain senior management approval to begin production of a new router, the code name of Viking. The team faced many challenges in launching a low cost router, but powerful tool for telecom service providers. After redesigning the project to greatly increase the speed and capacity of the router, the company had only a year to launch the product, exceptionally fast schedule. In addition, Cisco wanted to make its debut in China as a production base of low-cost high-quality products. Planned to use contract manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group to produce the machine, even if Foxconn had never done such a complex product to Cisco. Foxconn could handle the technical complexity? Cisco could work closely with Foxconn to mitigate project risks? Cisco methodology for the introduction of new products could achieve the necessary level of sophistication? The case highlights the challenges and complexity of the development and manufacture of technology products to a global market. Students examine what it takes to succeed in introducing new products, or NPI. The case also provides an opportunity to assess the problems of the supply chain in a company that outsources manufacturing worldwide.
Hau Lee,
Maria Shao
Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business
27 pages.
Release: June 5, 2009. Prod #: GS66-PDF-ENG
Cisco Systems, Inc.: New Product Introduction Job Case Solution

Cisco Systems Inc.: Collaborating on New Product Introduction Case Solution
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