Cisco and Cloud-based Education in China Case Solution

This Case is about IT


Cisco Systems, Inc., the dominant world-wide provider of the routers and switches that formed the backbone of the Internet, was contemplating entry into the cloud-based instruction marketplace in China through the design and promotion of an in-classroom apparatus, the Sunbird. The brand new vice president and chief technology officer of Enterprise Networking Group, Cisco Greater China, and a Politburo member of the prestigious Communist Party of China and State Councilor had met with duties including the science, technology and instruction policies in China.

Cisco’s worldwide operations had been introduced by the vice president as well as the two ladies had discussed co-operation with Chinese businesses, technology transfer, cross branding, combined product and service development, partnering, as well as the IT revolution and its particular effect on Chinese instruction. How could Cisco profitably join in the Chinese IT revolution? The educational Cisco gear space had never been entered by IT in just about any area of the world with its own committed merchandise. Should it develop the Sunbird for the Chinese marketplace?

Cisco and Cloud-based Education in China Case Solution
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