Cisco Case Solution & Answer

Cisco  Case Solution 

Secondly, the problem solving strategies of Cisco indicated that this company was operating in information aged but not an industrial aged. The companies which are industrial aged heavily depend on their own existing resources as they have saved or kept for the purpose of technological and other improvements.Al though most of the industrial aged companies’vision is long term based however, it is not sustainable and they grow slow and have less capacity, potential and breadth in terms of their own competencies. This is evident that companies which dont have a quick information flow and are operating traditional industrial aged would lake direct communication flow within hierarchy this complex structure would lead to autocratic System and the essence of innovation and creativity will not be found. Companies which are based on a vision to be innovative sustain longer and have a faster growth.On the other hand, the companies in newly information aged with the help of their internal and external networks, they achieved economies of scale. Similarly, getting a business process or unit operated by other companies such as out sourcing as is helpful as doing it with in the company would be costly, time consuming and create problems for management.Therefore, it is concluded that Cisco is not an industrial aged company as it is based on outsourcing oracle.

In this case, we can seethe process cisco used to implement for ERP system was based on evaluation of information and changes were made however,if it was an industrial aged company then it would have been implemented with evaluation. In industrial aged company, they would not have the capability to record, write, document, and changes would not have been possible if it was information aged as there would have been a lapse of communication among departments.However,in the third world countries, there are number of organizations, which still follow that traditional industrial aged formulae as well as they are also conflicts among departments for instance the company, abc, (psedoname of a company) had autocratic system, although it was using technology however,the communication was not proper with inter departments as a result a huge gapof knowledge was found and many of employees did not know the policies and procedures being followed in other departments and due to that they faceda lot of difficulties. However,a company which understands the idea of information age has clear picture and all the policies and procedures are clear, due to which they don’t face difficulties and manage their work on time.

Cisco by its work is communication and network based company, as it was found by a computer scientist and internet works were its primary functions. Cisco started technological works and the main technological product was router,whichmade it possible to internet to function as information systems are the key decision component of a firm’s business strategy” (Abdurrahman & Celebi, 2011)Cisco was at the edge of testing a universe of three autonomous exclusive systems: the telephone systems for voice, the neighborhood wide-region systems for information, and the show systems for video. Digitization empowered the joining of the three systems; the Internet, as a worldwide system of systems, made it conceivable to transmit voice, information, and video more than one system in a more effective and a practical route than transmitting signals over the three free and restrictive systems. Internet and its open models were making another focused battleground for the information transfers (telecom) players, including AT&T, Verizon (GTE and Bell Atlantic), British Telecom, and Deutsche Telecom.

This is all evident from Cisco’s business strategies as it has a wide product offering therefore,it can serve as one-quit looking for business systems. Data is steered through Internet; it also demonstrates Cisco’s incomes for different items as well asit did acquisitions as a proficient business process. Furthermore, Ciscomade more than 70 acquisitions.  Cisco issued IOS (Internet work Operating Framework) licenses to Alcatel, Ericsson, Northern Telecom, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Cove Networks, 3Com, Microsoft, Intel and 12 Japanese organizations. Cisco worked with Microsoft to make an industry standard for security over the system; with MCI to convey premium Internet administrations; and with HP to create and offer Internet-based corporate figuring frameworks……………………..

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