In 2004, the U.S. China Sourcing Group, which specializes in high quality gift, established a buying office in Shanghai. The Shanghai office is responsible not only for finding suppliers in China but also in Southeast Asia. He played an important role in China Sourcing Group revenues quadruple over the next four years. Despite their contribution to the group, the Shanghai office facing a serious problem of frequent delays in deliveries, especially new products that have been developed from scratch. In 2009, the management team in Shanghai has reviewed the operation of the office supplies, decided that something had to be done to improve the timely delivery of this office. Shanghai’s office should do to improve the situation?
Neale O’Connor
Source: University of Hong Kong
9 pages.
Publication Date: July 6, 2011. Prod #: HKU931-PDF-ENG
China Sourcing Group: Meeting Time Case Solution

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