Changing the Figures (Background Note) Case Solution

This Case is about Asia

published: 11 Jan 1995

Developing a Team Altering the Numbers The Mess PT Kalimantan Pulp (A) Safety? The Wife’s Tale Establishment Incident A collection of eight situations that check out the cross-cultural stress developing from using migrant supervisors of numerous citizenships communicating with nearby employees throughout the structure of a pulp mill in Indonesia. Amongst the concerns covered are security, staff structure, correspondence issues, problem resolution, ethical problems and the have to adjust management designs. To show the issues in dealing with multi-cultural groups in an Asia-Pacific environment. More especially, the series disagrees experienced both by the migrants and by corporations including job management in an establishing region, e.g. the issues of stress in between cultures, expatriate-local disputes, bribery and corruption, multi-cultural group structure, management design. Each case is brief and can be utilized independently or incorporated with various other.

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