Changing Nature of HRM Case Solution & Answer

Changing Nature of HRM Case Solution

1. Steps of an HR Director

It is the right of an employee to be treated fairly at the workplace by the upper management, because HR Director Support is an effective factor behind job retention. It is the way to retain the employees and to create fairness and equality at the workplace.Through research, it has been examined that 85% of all problems in an organization support, associate with superior support.The major factor of employee retention in an organization is superior’s support through which employees remain motivated and if they are treated well and are supported by the organizations; the retention rate automatically declines. (Mishra & Mishra, 2013).

There are the following steps which must be considered by the HR director.

1.1.1Open door policy

Openness in the workplace is necessary for the employees so that they can communicate with their superior easily. This is the best way to listen all the employees and make decisions on the basis of equality. It also creates reduction in conflicts and enables transparency in HR’s operations. This helps in fair treatment within all departments.

1.1.2 Retain and Motivate

Retention and motivation are the most important steps to create fairness in an organization. For example: the employees are motivated for the objectives of the organization, which creates enthusiasm among them.  Moreover, implementing retention strategies for the employees like effective communication, appraisals and job satisfaction decrease the favoritism and increase the employees’ satisfaction.

1.1.3 Training and Development

Training and development is the best way to treat all employees with fairness and equality. This step makes the equality and equal opportunities available to everyone. It produces an efficiency in employees, which further leads to effective results.

1.1.4 Healthy Working Environment

Providing a healthy and productive environment is the most important step to create fairness in the organization. It originates the flexibility and the employees enjoy their job rather than being stressed and frustrated. For example, giving flexible working hours and healthy activities can make the environment pleasant, through which equality is developed in the organization, where no one is neglected and mistreated.

2. Factors that Affect HR Practice

The HR practices are affected by some factors which causes severe impacts over the organization and its strategic planning. Different factors, such as: political, environmental or economical tend to last drastic affect over an organization, but the most concerning factors among them are political and economic. These factors change the HR policies and their influence over the human resource management.(Al-Jabari, 2013)

2.1 Political

Political factor explains the government’s involvement and the laws imposed by the state or central government,for example: the quota system of government or discrimination against race, religion or caste affect the HR policies. Moreover, the selection rules of government changes the HR’s policy of recruitment and selection. For example: the law of government that % of handicapped and disable people must be selected in an organization causes major influence over an organization’s strategy as it would have an obligation to follow the proposed laws anyhow.

2.2 Economic

Another factor which affects the HR practice, is the economic factor which consists of economic conditions, policies and production factors. The market condition affects the recruitment and selection procedure to a greater extent, which changes the HR management’s practices. For example; skills of employees, geographical factors etc. Other element which is Per capita income, explains that each employee must be paid enough to be eligible for the estimated per capita income. This creates the difference of wages in the HR practices, globally.

3. Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment and Selection Process

Artificial Intelligence is a modern approach, which is applied in the contemporary business world. It has created a new dimension in every field. However, the recruitment and selection process has become innovative and efficient because of the AI implementation. It has created job matches and has introduced an efficiency in the hiring process.(Hmoud, 2019).AI has created many functions in the process of recruitment and selection. It aids in conceptual and technical support by providing solutions to various problems. Like; old exercise of hiring has been changed by the computerized job application and online interviews. The employers can put the advertisement of job and can get the results of the best candidates, which are relevant to the required field. Moreover, AI has created the HR functions that are flexible and simplest, through utilizing an integrated network system.(Chien, 2007).

3.1 Improvements by AI in Recruitment and Selection process

The AI has improved the recruitment and selection process and has introduced a modern system in the Human Resource Management. (Bhalgat, 2019)

  • Information Technology and Recruitment:

Gone are the days when organization used to hire the employee through old technological methods and brochures etc., AI has created an advanced use of technology in the recruitment and selection process so that the hiring process could be improved and the best talents are found for the job’s requirement.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Recruitment:

AI has introduced a  virtual platform in the recruitment process. Now, the companies hire employees through online interviews and video calls. It has reduced the cost of recruitment and has created an automation in the organizations.

  • Strategic Recruitment Process:

AI has created a strategic approach in the recruitment and selection process. It has enhanced the hiring process by strategic integration and long term focus on the organization’s-advanced methods of selection designing……………………..

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