Change Management In Project Management Case Solution & Answer


Employee side focus:

The employee side of the Change Management in the project management initiatives focuses on the human resource or the employees that come under the project management initiatives. The primary responsibility of the Change Management is to make sure that the teams and employees have accepted, following and effectively utilizing the changes for completion of the task and achievement of the goals specified for the project management initiative.   (Frame, 2002)


Change Management and the project management both provide a comprehensive platform for the teams and groups to effectively engage and achieve the desired targets and goals of the organization for the managements of the companies. Both the programs are exceptional and comprehensive enough to pursue the objectives and targets independently however, the homogenous mixture of both these platforms and functions is a comprehensive framework for the management of the organizations to adopt.(hagen, n.d)

This increases the chances and brings effectiveness in the operations of the adopted and developed teams and resources in the project management initiatives and approaches of managements of the organizations. The integration of both these platforms provides the managements with an exceptional platform with several benefits and advantages. Some of the advantages of the integration of the Change Management and project management are discussed below.

Synergy in objectives:

The most critical benefit of the integration of both Change Management and the project management is that it facilitates the integration of the objectives and goals. This is the most critical benefit of Change Management and the project management as it facilitates the organization in avoiding the conflicts in interests among the team members and employees of the company. (hagen, n.d)

Apart from facilitating and promoting the singularity and synergy in goals, it is also very critical in sustaining and achieving them.


The integration of both these functions in the project management’s operations and organizational culture allows the management of the organizations to be more aggressive, assertive and proactively focused towards efficiency and effectiveness in the operations and it leads towards achieving the goals and targets of the team in the given time period.(Kerzner, 2013)

This allows the teams and the management of the organization to respond to the issues and challenges that they might face in operations to pursue the goals and objectives in a much more aggressive and appropriate way.

Promotes sequencing:

The integration of both the frameworks within the organizational structure gives another added advantage and benefit to the managers and the team to adopt and develop a much more balanced and sequenced approach for the operations of the organization.

It adds immense value to the operations of the company by facilitating the management of the organizations in taking the most accurate and appropriate decisions for the operations of the business at the most feasible timing.(hagen, n.d)

It empowers the management of the organizations to sequence the operations of the company while also promoting their effectiveness and efficiency with regards to the interests of the business.

Information sharing:

The adoption and integration of both these policies and frameworks within the organization culture also allows the management of the organizations to improve the communication and co-ordination channels within the organization.

It optimizes and perfects the channels of information sharing and co-ordination within the organizational and management hierarchy and also the team members of this newly adopted business structure.(P, 1996)

It ensures that the teams and group members are passed on the correct, relevant and entirely accurate information as earliest as possible while also improving the feedback channels for the management to gain valuable opinions that might help them in decision making and policy setting………………

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