Change Management at DEWA Case Solution & Answer

Change Management at DEWA Case Study Solution


An exclusive provider of electricity and water services DEWA (Dubai Electric and Water Authority) was formed in the year 1992, as a result of a merger between the Dubai Water Department and Dubai Electricity Company. It provides services to a large customer base, i.e. 652,000 customers associated with the electricity service and around 580,678 associated with the water service. The core objectives of the organization are associated with the establishment, management, operation and maintenance of electricity generation, desalination plants of water, transmission and distribution of water and power in Dubai. (DEWA, Fact Sheet, 2014)

The vision of the organization is to be a globally leading sustainable innovative corporation. The mission of the organization is to meet the satisfaction of its customer and promote the vision of Dubai by delivering water and electricity services at a highly improved level of reliability, environment, safety and efficiency. DEWA is also committed to achieve the strategic objectives of Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030, which was formulated by the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, for the diversification of the energy resources, in order to bring an improvement in the efficiency in the use of water and electricity. DEWA also strives to bring a reduction in the demand forenergy and water by 30 percent, by the year 2030.(DEWA, Fact Sheet, 2014)

The national identity committee of the organization is the only policy owner who is accountable for communication and promotion in all the respective departments and decisions by the formal as well as informal channels and procedures. (Officials, 2019)Similarly, the happiness of the customers is their priority. The development of the Customer Happiness Charter is to promote customers engagement in a meaningful manner, followed by the adoption of the best practices required for the provision of potential customer service and innovative and smart solutions. (DEWA, 2019)


The overall happiness of the employees and customers is measured at the organization by taking under consideration various dimension of work. This significantly provides an insight into the opinions and views that create an impact over them. The achievement of happiness in the community tends to be based on the use of the highest international standards,which serve as a key element to achieve sustainable development in the United Arab Emirates. (Admin, 2017)The achievement of an increased happiness percentage is primarily based on the use of digital channels. The dependency on the digital channels leads towards the onset of privacy and security issues, maintenance cost due to consistent change in the environment, high price transparency and an increased competition in terms of pricing. (Dii, 2020) Due to this reason, the happiness level is likely to be influenced if these factors remain unconcerned.

Behavioral Psychology Model:


Despite of significant improvement in the customer and employees satisfaction at the organization;the approach of the Happiness Charter has provided a motivating and positive working environment, followed by the promotion of tolerance and happiness among all the employees.  This is mainly due to the enhancement in the self-development of the employees at DEWA and leadership skills and strengthening of the trust between the employees and managers,and the ability to learn about their needs innovatively. One of the key concerns is to secure the personal information of both employees and customers, in order to maintain their satisfaction level. For this purpose, there is a requirement to implement cloud computing services that are encrypted by passwords to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks…………………………………


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