The company then entered the segment of smart phones and introduced iPhone in 2007 with a mind blowing idea of iOS (iPhone operating system), which was then attached with the name of the company. Moreover, nowadays iPhone is identified with the name of iOS.

The company also entered in the segment of tablet computers by launching iPad, after that it started to design new software to support its customers,which include iTunes music store iOS app store Mac app store, Safari web browser, iLife and iWork. The company also started manufacturing laptops instead of tower or desktop pc by replacing them to MacBook. Currently, the company is known as a provider of several prestigious and valuable product whereas,its products are expensive however,people are willing to pay more for it.

Jobs Vs Cook


Steve jobs, while his full name is Steven Paul,was an American businessman who was the co-founder and the CEO at Apple Inc. Jobs was also the largest shareholder of Pixar animation house and the member of board of director of Walt Disney Company.Hewas the player of the acquisition of Pixar by Disney and also he was the Chairman and CEO of NextInc.

Steve was convinced with the idea that innovation can earn its price.This can be seen that in Apple he was mainly focused towards innovation and to provide easy to use and user friendly products.


Tim Cook is an American business executive and the current CEO of Apple Inc. Hej oined as an international business executive and was then promoted to Vice President and Then he became the CEO in 2011 by impressing Jobs with his work experience.Furthermore, he was selected as the permanent CEO at Apple after the sick leaves of Jobs and his death. He was awarded one million shares of Apple in 2012 by the board of directors.


It can be defined as the ability of any individual, department or a company to make efficient decision and to motivate others to perform well. In other words, leadership can be considered as a trigger to improve the performance at any department, organization or even an individual. It develops motivation in people to perform well, meeting their targets and deadlines etc.

Leadership styles

Change in Management Leadership (From Steve Jobs to Tim Cook) Case Solution

Change in Management Leadership (From Steve Jobs to Tim Cook) Case Solution

There are many different styles of leaderships of which some of them are normally used,. These different styles are as follows:
• Autocratic
• Laissez Faire
• Democratic
• Transformational
• Transactional
• Participative
• Charismatic


Autocratic leaders  are those who only want to implement their idea and let the employees follow the given idea if they do not want to face any interference from any participant. No one can challenge these sorts of leaders as they are capable enough to convince people with their idea and if someone challenges them, then they implement only their own opinion while keeping not the idea of others.

Laissez Faire

These are those types of leaders who do not give direct or clear supervision to their followers but they only give a slight idea of what they want from their followers.These types of leaders usually have highly experienced followers or this sort of leadership can only be done when the followers are quite energetic and experienced.


These leaders believe in the idea that if you want to be listened, then be a good listener. These leaders forward this problem to their employees to find out the solution and then they list it to everyone and afterwards they explain their own opinion and then select the best option.


These types of leaders have the charisma to attract people and have a very attractive personality that enables them to lead people;therefore they don’t need to stay behind people. These types of leaders have charisma to attract people and have a very attractive personality that enables them to lead people. They don’t need to stay behind people as their personality attracts people. People find pleasure to follow them and obey their decisions……………………………….

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