Challenging Sports Authority in Puerto Rico Case Solution

This Case is about MARKETING


Shooting & Outdoor Distributor (SOD) was a Puerto Rican family-owned wholesale company selling sporting goods for hunting and fishing. After a year of working for the company, the operations supervisor was faced with the coming of a U.S. retail chain, Sports Authority (SA), to the Puerto Rican marketplace. SA taken many sporting goods sold by SOD, along with several brands under exclusive distribution agreements between SOD and its U.S. makers.

It’d the capacity to negotiate better prices with producers than SOD and pass those bargains on to the last customer, while SA was a retailer, because of its size. SOD’s operations supervisor was considering three alternatives for fighting this rivalry: 1) Develop private branding for a brand new rifle merchandise; 2) Open SOD retail stores not running close to SA or to its retail customers; and/or 3) Expand SOD to other Latin American and Caribbean markets where no rivalry was present.

Challenging Sports Authority in Puerto Rico Case Solution
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