C&D Hotel, Xiamen Case Solution & Answer

C&D Hotel, Xiamen


The C&D Hotel was the flagship hotel of Xiamen C&D Corporation Limited, the largest state-owned corporation group in Xiamen. It was ranked 71 among the top five hundred enterprises in china, while among 500 services enterprises in China, it was ranked in the top 39th, which showed that it was the leading group of the Hotel in China. It was the first 5-star luxurious Hotel in Xiamen. In contrast, it had various features, including sophistication, exquisiteness, and peacetime. Because of China’s successful development of the family vacation market since 2011, the growth in the leisure-customers sector in the hotel has become much more efficient. (Chong Wu, 2015)

Problem Statement

In Xiamen, China, C&D Hotel was the first luxurious hotel to face various problems regarding the delivery systems. So, the hotel needs to improve its delivery system. The manager of customer services of the hotel presented her plans to handle complaints highlighted by their customers and decide what would be the best ways to compensate for faults in hotel guests that have occurred during service delivery.

Situational Analysis

Market segmentation and positioning.

Market segmentation and positioning is an essential part of any industry to target the customers, and it helps generate profitability for the industry. The industry’s market value depends upon the market segmentation and positioning that aid the company to strengthen compared to its rivals. The main marketing segments that help the company provide effective services include Gourmet, Cheap sit, at Work, and Leisure without savings.

Gourmet In this segment, the customers visit the hotel alone or as groups and try something new. At the same time, they are not fans of the culinary sensation and do not have such monetary security as active users.

Cheap Sit According to various industry experts, customers in this segment visited the survey for the sake of communicating in a pleasant atmosphere, hence an opportunity to enjoy the gastronomic sensation. However, they rarely order meals, but they may be couples who visited to communicate in a pleasant atmosphere with each other. This segment mainly included the secondary income of all ages.

At Work, This segment includes most of the people who use the restaurant mainly due to work needs which include business meetings and other gatherings related to their Work. While the frequent visitors visit the restaurants in link with Work, it is not the leading use of the condition for them.

In Leisure without savings, customers regularly visit the restaurants, while the customers in this segment have different income levels. According to the experts, this segment has an influential part which includes “Rest without savings” customers with different incomes, including middle and high-income customers whose visits are not standard, and they afford more visits.

Solutions to scenarios

Bohai Wang

From the analysis of the Bohai Wang scenario, it is understood that their reaction to Wang was reasonable. He and his family were exhausted until they reached the hotel. However, as a response, Zhang would have addressed their issue immediately. Instead, she asked them to wait for the next day. Although Wang and his family were tired and needed rest, that does not imply they had to wait a day more for their complaint to be reported. In such cases, it is essential to listen to the customers on an immediate basis.

However, after the incident, the hotel should have compensated Wang in different other ways, like he was there for travel, the hotel could have provided him pick and drop service to various tourist spots of the city, or the hotel could have provided additional services to him as a compensation to the incident.

John Goldberg

In the scenario with Goldberg, it could be said that Liu appropriately served Goldberg, and it was not her fault for the inconvenience that Goldberg had to face. In this situation, Goldberg was also not at fault. But as a solution to the inconvenience that he had to face, the hotel could have resolved the issue by addressing his overall concerns.

During his visit, when Zhang asked him about his experience, he addressed his few concerns regarding the taxi service. However, the hotel could have arranged a free taxi service for him in advance so that he was no longer required to wait for a taxi. Doing this would have increased the satisfaction level of Goldberg regarding the hotel’s services. Ultimately the impact of his inconvenience would reduce because of it.

Ping Li

In the case of Li, she had to face several inconveniences during her visit to the hotel. To solve this whole incident, the hotel management needed to listen to Li about all her conveniences and would have apologized. They would have entrusted her that no such inconvenience would happen to her. The hotel management was required to pay excellent attention to serving Li until the time she was staying there because any other inconvenience could enrage her, which the hotel could not afford in this case.

Preventive Strategies

Most of the inconveniences happen because of the hotel’s poor taxi and shuttle services. So the hotel management needs to pay excellent attention to their transport services. They need to make sure that the modifications to their transport system would reduce the waiting time of its customers. The hotel needs to acquire more vehicles and drivers to tackle the issue and avoid reoccurrence.

Few of the compliant was regarding the poor management of the hotel. The hotel needs to improve the staff management so that any complaint from the customers gets quickly noticed and the customers do not face the inconvenience any longer. They should hire the efficient serving staff and give them a proper training because the serving staff has a direct dealing with the customer, so they need to be very efficient and have excellent customer dealing skills.

Lastly, the hotel management needs to address their commitments adequately. For example, suppose the hotel has committed to the shuttle service for a customer at the airport. In that case, they should provide the services anyhow, if it requires the hotel to wait for the customer in case of flight delays, then it must be done or the hotel should arrange for a taxi when the customer reaches the hospital. Customer satisfaction should be prioritized.

Recommendations and conclusion

As the C&D is the leading and most reputed hotel in the china, which has a deep-rooted customers market regarding the services they provide to their customers, the hotel faces various issues regarding the management and delivery system, due to which there is a decline in the retention of customers in their graphs. However, being a top-ranked hotel among the various enterprises in China, it is the best opportunity for the hotel to improve its delivery system and management system by providing quality services to its customers. In contrast, introducing a quality assurance system can improve the management and delivery system…..

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