Case: Walt Disney production greenmail Case Solution & Answer

Case: Walt Disney production greenmail Case  solution 

Recommendation for the Performance:

Financial Improvement:

The company has to focus its pricing strategy, which would suit the customers’ need and expectations efficiently. The market strategy of the company has to be focused on the enterprise in order to better target the reach of the company to the prospective clients. Furthermore, the overheads of the company should be reduced by the senior management. In addition, the successful project will be essential for the future growth.

Review processes:

            The operations of the company should be improved by the senior management by process efficiency. The company should adopt reorganization and implementation of the new planning system. Furthermore, the identification of bottleneck in the processes will be helpful for the addressing the problems.

Strategic Thinking:

The company should focus on longer term strategies, which might result in not consistent cash flows. The company should invest in its core competencies, which include intangible assets and improvement in technology through higher research and developments.

Assess Employee Performance:

            The company has to focus on its employee base and retention of the talent competent staff, which could be achieved by providing performance-based incentives and benefits to the employees. The requirement policy of the company has to be reconsidered by the top management.

Recommendation for Control:

Crown Jewels:

            The company can defend itself from the acquirer by reducing the attraction, which would attract the acquirer towards the target company. In the case of Disney, the company can sell its studio business segment, which is highly profitable for the segment.

White knight:

            The target company can ask its friendly acquirer company, which would bid higher than the buyer therefore,the company will be able to get rid of from the unsuitable acquirer. In this case, the existing promoters of the company will retain their holdings in the enterprise.

Golden Parachute:

            In this strategy, the large sum of compensation is provided to the company’s senior management whose services are possible at the end due to the acquisition. However, it seems to be an aggressive tactic because it ensures the management to take incentive against the takeover.

Lessons learnt:

            The promoters of the company have to consider the relevant factors before increasing their holding as it is the key of the greenmail tactic. The cost benefits analysis would be necessary to the shareholders. Since the new strategy would result in a reduction of corporate value, therefore, the company has to focus on the strategies, which can be used in value generating activities……………..

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