Case: Teach for China and the Chinese Nonprofit Sector Case Solution & Answer

Case: Teach for China and the Chinese Nonprofit Sector  Case Solution

The Business Model:

            Teach for China’s business model focuses on the elimination inequality of education in china. The business model was created by the inspiration taken from teach for America.  In achieving the overall objective, many value creation activities are involved such as recruitment of fellow members which provided strategies for the activities. Teach for China has many strategic partners as well which includes the international social organization etc.

The company created local partnerships with rural school private and semi government institutions. Strategic and operational alliances improved the quality of working of an organization through adaptability from each other. The company might pursue to make advocacy partnership as the company faces legal challenges. (Grassl, 2012)

The core activities of this business model include operational services and networking. The intellectual capital of the company is essential for the business model, which includes the technical experts and rights from government. The value creators of the business model mainly require the donors and volunteers. Those value creators assist the company financially and operationally.

Emerging Market Entrepreneurship:

            Teach for China is an organization started by some graduates with the aim to reduce the educational gap. Although the company has business objective other than profitability however,the company get success in the overall objective. The company faced many challenges as they it is new to the market place and faced difficulties in operation and its activities.

The emerging market provides many opportunities to the new startups. China is a developing nation and grows at the rate of 8% annually which offers the local business enormous opportunities to grow their business. The entrepreneur has new and innovative ideas for business plan however,they are very risky and have higher probabilities to fail.

The creation of new organizational structure is also the task of entrepreneurs which is difficult for them because they have strong knowledge of the core activity of the business but they have no idea for the industry norms and market practices. Planning for the challenges and risk management are essential for such companies. (Heinecke, 2014)

Therefore, Teach for China has to be very adaptable and show flexibility to learn the new things from the social organizations already operating in China and internationally. Positive response over the negative conflicts and problem would lead towards proper issue management within organization. The government provides assistance to the entrepreneur not in financial term but in functional terms. The company services have promising demand in China,which leads the company towards higher business prospects and reputation in industry.

Strategic Planning:

            The smaller companies intend to work appropriately so that all relevant aspects of the business s add value. Strategic planning provides assistance in the proper course of action for the organization as well as it includes the comprehensive plan which contains the policies and procedure for every segment of the business. First of all,the plan includes the human resource recruitment policies as the intellectual property is essential for the company.

The salary packages, benefits and performance related offers are specified in the human resource plan. As in the case of teach for China,the fellow members are the most important for the teaching of rural children. The structure of board committees and hierarchy of organizational staff is also a part of human resource plan. Secondly, the operation plan includes the process involves in the providence of services and activities of the company. (Aidan Pia, 2015)

Lastly, the financial plan is the most important part of strategic planning as it includes the funding and spending of an organization for time period. In addition to financial plan, the company has to gather additional information and data relevant to the organization’s core activities so that the company can perform well in core services.

Threats to Teach for China:

            Teach for China recruits top graduates from the American and Chinese universities for the opposition of fellow member of the company. Although they are providing competitive services to the company however,the cost of those services is too high for the company. The company is paying higher salaries than a commercial bank that is why the top graduates are attracted towards the social organization but there is possibility that they will leave their work as the company’s business objective is not to make profits……………….

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