Case study solution slideshare is an eBook by Jim Lakely, a venture capitalist. A few reviews by former students and patrons of this guide are provided below.

It’s an eBook that has lots of information to offer. The book gives a concise introduction to case studies, a means to show how case studies were solved, and to provide a proof that the experts who were working with the case study have actually been using the methods and skills they presented in the solutions.

In short, the case study solution slideshare focuses on how case studies are solved, not how to get out of one. This makes it very similar to Ken Wilber’s Case Studies for the Unconventional Entrepreneur. Those are both excellent case study resources that can be found at their websites.

What really struck me about this book was that this wasn’t just one hundred pages of case study solutions. The book provides several hundred case studies, which is better because that gives you a more comprehensive approach. The book also gives a step-by-step approach, including information that is rarely found in other case study books.

There is a good reason why it didn’t give a more extensive amount of information. As the publisher says, it is to make sure you understand and master the subjects in the book before going into the details.

The case study solution slideshare isn’t your typical approach to a particular subject. Instead, it focuses on giving a very succinct overview of the material to help you gain a much greater understanding and feel more confident in making critical decisions about solving specific problems.

The example uses case studies from just about every topic you can think of, including management, law, sales, business and life. The examples are varied and come from a wide variety of companies that can be a big plus when applying this to other projects.

Focus is the biggest thing I liked about this book. Because the topics covered are usually on the verge of being too complex for just a few sentences, the author pulls out all the stops to really explain them well. Not only does he do this in the examples, but he also lays it all out on the table for you in a big way.

You see, the book really comes across as an overview of the information, which I found extremely important. The details can be found elsewhere. That’s why I loved that the book gave a great deal of detailed information for each topic.

On top of that, the book does not skim the surface. I think you will agree that information should be presented in its entirety, rather than a few sentences that leave a lot to be desired.

This book offers some really great suggestions for problems that are not as difficult as others and then shows you how to apply them effectively. The book explains everything from various choices to strategy and provides a solution. One can practically get some kind of feel for solving these problems, as they are presented in such a clear and easy-to-understand way.

If you like information that helps you figure out solutions to problems, you’ll love Case Study Solution Slideshare. It’s written to help you tackle problems, while still having a lot of information to provide other tools to help you with the details.

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