Case Study 1: Statistical Thinking in Health Care Case Solution & Answer

Case Study 1: Statistical Thinking in Health Care Case Solution

The SIPOC is the short form of Suppliers of process, inputs used in process, process to be improved, output of the process, and the end customer; for whom the process is enhanced or improved. The SIPOC is used mainly for eradicating the problems related to:

  • classification of suppliers in the process
  • recognition of input process used to improve the business activity
  • Identify the end customers in the process
  • Detail customer identification to improve the quality in the process

The SIPOC model for the business process:

  1. Suppliers: it includes all the providers in pharmaceutical industry, such as manager, doctors, pharmacists, assistants, and patients who induce the drug.
  2. Input: The input process in SIPOC includes the information about patients and their related health issues, payment, and their valid description of the drug prescribed by doctor. The input also includes the suppliers information and to recognize them in terms of low default and provide good quality products because their supply questions each patients’ life. Along with this, input about drugs is very important to ensure that the drugs are not outdated or expired.
  3. Process steps: This first require getting the order of medicines and get the payment and it includes the processing the information gathers from customers in the form of prescription of doctor. It consists of entering the data in the system and it should be processed correctly, with the correct brand name of drug by the medical terminology. Then check the patient’s information and its eligibility and then resolve if any query exists. Then finally, ship the particular drug to patients.
  4. Output: The output in this business process is to create the opportunity for saving the patient’s life by delivering high quality drugs. Along with this, to supplying the prescribed drug by fully examining the information written in the client bill that defines the drug monograph.
  5. Customer: in SIPOC business process, the customers are the end clients for whom the high quality drugs are produced. It includes the patients, payer, pharmacist, managers, and assistant of pharmacist.


Therefore, the objective of this case is to identify the root causes for the discrepancies between the prescription and supplying medicines. The case is based on proactive research that focuses on medication errors. For example, here the problem is determined in inappropriate medication and that resulted in severe blame game, as no one was ready to take responsibility. Therefore, the objective is to look at the potential root causes of errors that affect the reduction in health care services and results in serious harm to patient’s health and lawsuits are faced by the health firms.

Data collection/description:

The action of statistical thinking depends on the following principles, which include:

  • All work occurs in systematic manner and are interconnected with other process
  • Depending on the variations in all processes
  • And finally try to understand and to reduce the variations in process in order to success the business process

It totally depends on how data is collected, recorded, and communicated in the real world. Each step provides the opportunity for variability and helps to recognize the sources of variations and reducing the impact of variation that existed in a report.

Possible main root causes of the problems:

The possible root causes of problems may include;

  • Inaccuracy in understanding the prescription
  • Blaming each other for wrong medication
  • Spelling mistake of medicines
  • Poor handwriting of doctor
  • The drugs are not delivered on time……………….                                                             This is just a sample partial work. Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution


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