Case – Ocado Case Solution

  • This has providedthe company with an opportunity to generate higher revenues and ultimately more profits, however the company also faces competition with existing players of the market.
  • The main countries that exist in this region comprise ofHong Kong and Singapore and these are those countries where the company should go first.(McKinnon, 2011)
  • Secondly, the company can grow its operation in South Asia where the consumers’ spending percentage on food is higher although the income there is low however,the higher levels of sales volume would providethe company with better turnover.
  • The company should offer low priced products in the markets of South Asia as the income level of the consumers there is low so that the company can generate more profit from that region. The countries located in this region include Pakistan and India.

What further advice would you give to Ocado’s leaders?

  • Ocado has many alternatives available, which increases the company’s revenue and ultimately, its profits. The senior management could adapt the below mentioned policies in order for the company to progress.

Enhance Product Range:

  • The company currently offers groceries and personal care products, which have just 11% share in the total online purchases worldwide as indicated by the recent survey.
  • Since the company is not offering a wide range of products therefore, the company faces the risk of being dependent.
  • Through offering consumer electronics and home improvement appliances, the company can diversify its risk of dependence on the existing product range.

Operate Traditional Stores:

  • The company has the option to initiate the traditional stores as some customers prefer buying from physical stores rather than online.
  • In developing countries,few people have access to internet and since the demand of consumer products is very high therefore, the company can tap physical market to generate higher revenues and profits in turn………………..          This is just a sample partial work. Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution
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