Case Analysis: Predicting Defects in Disk Drive Manufacturing: A Case Study in High-Dimensional Classification Case Solution

From the paragraph above, it can be said that there are no alternatives to such expensive testing while maintaining similar quality in hard drive manufacturing. However, there is still a solution for the company to reduce cost and to maintain quality.

There are several steps thats hould be taken by the company to achieve this milestone. The first step is that the company does not have to eliminate the complete process since, the quality of the product may decline. Therefore, the company should reduce the testing time of the product.

Because the previous two tests are ensuring high quality and performance as well. The firm does not have to wholly relyon the RunIn process in order to improve and control the quality.

However, due to reduced testing time, the company will have to hire less professionals to oversee the testing activities, the shorter process will reduce inventory carrying and holding cost, while the inventory pile ups will also be prevented.

Finally, the quality of the product will not be compromised but the company will be able to reduce the cost associated with the testing process. Furthermore, the quality of the product will also be maintained.

            The process can be improved by decreasing the time of testing, ensuring high quality raw material, and maintaining high quality input in terms of both raw material and human resources since these two factors enable and ensure high quality output. (, n.d.)

            Furthermore, eliminating the RunIn process is not a feasible option since this alternative will not only reduce the cost of the company but also the profit of the company. When the quality of the product will be declined, the company will not be able to sell that many products which will ultimately hit the profitability of the company. (Indysmallbiz, 2013)


            There were several assumptions used to reach the final model. The first assumption was that the data is normal and hence it can be used for simple simulation using the replication model. The other assumption was that the data can be used for plotting different quality control charts and the final assumption was that the data has no inconsistency.


            Different types of tools were used to solve the problem however; the basic problem was that the company had to decide whether to completely discontinue the expensive hard drive testing or not;if so, then what are the reason and if not, then what should be done

            Moreover, different sort of strategies were used to reach the final solution. The first technique was the use of simulation modelling with random numbers in order to check whether the process should be discontinued or not was simulation modeling using random numbers. The other technique was plotting different charts for those models to identify that whether the testing is consistent and worthy or not.

            Finally, the results of the simulation model suggested positive values in most of the cases, which means that the Run In test is adding a significant value to the quality of product but relying only on these results was not enough.Therefore, the results of the average simulation model were used, which suggested that the Run In test is only a burden on the cost structure.

            In a nutshell, the final testing included testing of quality control charts.The results of these charts indicated that the testing is inconsistent for the testing process of hard drives and an inconsistency was found in the overall process……………….

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