Case: Airbus A380 – Turbulence Ahead Case Solution & Answer

Case: Airbus A380 – Turbulence Ahead Case Solution

What recommendations would you have for CEO and EADS? 

  • The CEO of the company should focus on the customer base and identify the demand and expectation of the customers.
  • The company should identify and execute the most appropriate program, which is innovative as well as compatible with the existing infrastructure.
  • The architecture side of the company should be reevaluated and identify the key issue in the process so that limiting factors can be identified and appropriate course of action can be taken. (Hauser, 2007 )
  • The project management of the company should be highly effective as it includes the cost-benefit analysis of the proposed project. The effective project management considers risks, benefits, time taken to complete and overall cost related to the project.
  • Comprehensive planning schedule should be made for the proposed program and regular monitoring of actual time with the schedule should be performed, which will help the company to allocate the time for the process efficiently in future.
  • Highly technical support would be needed from the competent staff which would add value to the project. Proper roles and responsibilities should be assigned by the CEO to staff.
  • The guidelines provided by the senior management over the proposed project would lead to working in a structured manner so that no delays will happen in future.
  • The Proper Standard operating procedure would be set and regularly monitored as it would improve the efficiency of the processes.
  • The management should apply capital investment monitoring system on the programs. The system would be benefit the company in a way as it would set milestones and would be updated according to with newly identified risks.
  • Quality system compliance will be beneficial for the company because the company works on self-improvement basis therefore, the company would be able to perform better with automation.

What can companies do to avoid surprises like the one with A380?

  • In these types of surprises such as delays in the launch of product due to any operational issue, the companies should disclose the matter to the investors.
  • The public disclosure would underpin the investors’ confidence in the company where the company’s reputation will enhance.
  • The company should be ethically sound and comply with corporate governance codes. In case the company does not disclose the information, then the company would not be following the ethical standards.
  • To avoid surprise like A380, the companies have to follow strict project management. Regular comparison of actual time taken with the estimated time would be essential for better management. (Frylinck, 2012)
  • Proper structure should be maintained by the companies to avoid the delays and operational issues
  • The creation of the core teams at the project would improve the working quality.
  • Although in the large projects, the company would face delay in the proper infrastructure which would reduce the probability of delays.
  • Appropriate resources management at the proposed project would lead to better planning and reduction of negative surprises such as delay or backlog.
  • In the air transportation industry, the prototype of proposed project will be helpful for the company to get the information about the time requirement for the proposed project.
  • Proper planning processes and documentation would enable the company to better handle the issues emerging in the proposed projects………………….
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