Case: Aegis Analytical Corporations Strategic Alliances Case Solution

The advanced product of the company, the discoverant, facilitates the customers as it saves time and cost for the potential customer and the customer process becomes. Therefore, the potential customer get attracted towards this innovative product.


            The company is facing difficulties in raising external financing as the company fails to convince the potential investors. The management lacks the project financing as well as the management is unable to provide feasibility of the project.

            The weak marketing and sales department have also resulted in less revenue for the company. Inefficient and ineffective marketing strategies and policies have led towards the decline in profitability.


            The company has the opportunity to make alliance with special marketing firms, which would help in better advertising strategy and help in getting more value as well.

            Major chunk of markets, which have high demand of the process software product,operate outside the country, which indicates that the company can expand its operation internationally to capture the potential market.


            Although currently the company has no direct competitor of discoverant,however some alliance has formed in the industry to compete with this product. The alliance of major technology companies might negatively affect the company’s product.

            The slow growth in drug and pharma industry has threatened the company’s revenue negatively. Currently, the company is only targeting these industries which have less growth and indicate stable revenue.

Alliance strategy and corporate level strategy Aegis adopts

            As the company is new to the technology market, the consumer have less depdency on the new companies therefore, alliance strategy with major companies will help the company to target the market better in terms of financial and non financial.

            The company is currently facing challenges regarding the activities of marketing and sales department, therefore the strategic alliance will help in assisting the company in making better structure and policies of marketing and sales department so that efficiency and effectiveness will sustain.

            The bargaining power of the buyer is higher when the consumers purchase good from small companies however,in the case of large companies, the bargaining power of the buyers will reduce. Therefore the company can manage it bargaining power better with the strategic alliances.

            The company can increase its revenue as the number of sales of the software would increase through the strategic partner since the partner has sustained supply chains and large customer base.

            The alliance can also benefit the company in creating the brand recognition of product of the company. This market awareness and market recognition would also benefit the company in long-term.

The problem of the case

            The company is considering its strategy as these strategies are suitable for the company in attaining the overall objective of the business. The marketing strategy of the company is poor in achieving the core business purposes because of its inefficiency. The strategic alliance of the company with major pharmaceutical companies would help in increasing the customer base as well as its revenue.

Recommendations to solve the problem

            The company is currently going through marketing issues which have to be addressed in order to make a sound position in the market place and industry. The strategic alliance will help in providing assistance in policies and activities of promotional and advertisement. Therefore, it is recommended that the company should sustain with major alliances for better results…………………

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