Carlyle Japan (A) Case Solution

Tamotsu Adachi, managing director of Carlyle Japan, wants to develop a strategy to improve the ability of the company to the source provides high quality at competitive prices and prices. Buyout funds like Carlyle treatment generally have two phases: the supply and supervision. These correspond to (i) the “sale” of the benefits of a business to go with Carlyle as a partner of redemption and (ii) increasing the value of the company after the acquisition. Since the profitability of a refund, we must find the point of high quality, the company has focused to date on the use of their contacts in the banking sector, which has been a powerful institution in Japan for many years. Carlyle These contacts have allowed a number of good quality companies, but the volume of purchases by Carlyle in Japan was not what they expected it to be. They ask students how the company can improve the approach to deal sourcing.
David B. Godes,
Masako Egawa,
Mayuka Yamazaki
Source: Harvard Business School
26 pages.
Date Posted: March 25, 2008. Prod #: 508092-PDF-ENG
Carlyle Japan (A) Case Solution

Carlyle Japan (A) Case Solution
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