Canadian national railway company cultural change Case Solution & Answer

Canadian national railway company cultural change Case Solution

Since, the company Illinois is facing the issues of low productivity, which has resulted as an outcome ofearly quits and late work start up. The early quits enables the people to leave the shift of 8 hours, 4 hours early. The Company follows the following practice, in an attempt to motivate the employees and sustain the performance level. However, the strategy has effected business negatively, as it has increased the per-headcount cost.Also, it reduced the productivity, making the operations go in loss.

Attitude of the supervisor- Pygmalion Effect

The attitude of the employees defines its way of working in the organization. Underthe current scenario, the attitude of the manger/ supervisor greatlyaffected the performanceandproductivity level of the employee, and also transformed the organizationalculture. Since,the supervisor believed that,offeringleniency to the employees in assigning the task at workday, will increase their loyalty towards the company. And it will outline the efforts organizations put tokeep the employee happy, byshowing their value in organization.In addition, itremained on the supervisor account that, the organizational culture shifted towards leaving workplace early, and makingemployees not heldaccountable for meeting the deadline.Thus, reduced the performance of the company in the market. In addition,since the supervisor misunderstood the right motivational driver that could be used by the employees to retain them.Moreover, enhance the motivation level, channelize it towards achieving increased productivity.


Since, Harrison has quickly identified the pertinent issues of lowproductivity, the change in organizationalstructuresuch as refraining “early quits”.Might create conflict between the company and the employee giving rise to the conflict, and thus hindering the performance.It mightalso give rise to the union, to sue management for the change in action.Since, the union has already won the case, in the favor of gettingthe payment for 8 hours, for working 6 hours in the company.


Harrison has outlined the new guidelines of work,without any prior discussion with theemployees.The example shows the improper and ineffective communication, between the manager and the employees. Also, the supervisor has been ineffective in delivering the right message, which could have motivated the employees and identifiedthe true precursors of productivity, with inter-related both the parties at the same ground.


In order to change the culture of the organization and bring change in the company. Harrison must do the following things, to overcome the issue of low productivity, early quits and late work start.

  • Harrison must develop a change plan, in which the management should outlay the aim ofbringing change in the organization.In doing so, he should communicate effectively to the key influencers on floor, andunderstand key motivational drivers.This will enable Harrison to implant the right motivational driver, as a replacement of early quits. Also, it will allow the company to develop a commonground, where both employees and management takeinterest.By developing a plan,to effectively executethe process, toascertain growth and high productivity.
  • In order to mitigatethe laziness and late work start. Harrison must develop a strategic plan that engraves the key elements of involving and engaging people in the decision making. In doing so, the company should first communicate with the employees.The adverseeffect of late work and its impact on the company’sperformance,which will ultimately hurt the employees in long run. Thaninvolve people in decision making for the problem. This will increase ownership of the employees,and hence will make them responsible.The sense of responsibility, will thus make employeeown the work.So they would start work on time.(Beatty, 2016)
  • Also, a revised reward and compensationplan should be decided, which offerscompensation and rewards to the employees on performance base. Theelements included will be the punch in time and punch out time,alongwith the efficiency of completingcertaintask. This will allow employee to work in a better direction, while also offer the company strong monitoring and control over the performance of the employees.(Erdogan, 2003)

Through these steps, Harrison will be able to implement the transformed strategies that will restrict the early quits, along with the high acceptance towards the change.Since,bringing the change is not an easy task and it could be accomplishedby enforcement.Hence, a detail plan of change has to be implemented, which will resolve the resentments and grudges of each employee.Whilebringing the change and will offer involvement and engagement to develop ownership.Which will allow the employee to own the company,and hence will allow to transform the practices and turninto more productive team…………………

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