Café D. Pownd Case Solution


 The newly established Café “Café D. Pownd” at National Academy of Liberal Arts (NALA) served 450 residence of Cambridge Hall and also the 100 residence of Nottingham Hall with the wide variety of food. National Academy of Liberal Arts is large institution with approximately 30,000 students from different societies. Café D. Pownd deals in hot meals, drinks, salads, sweets, snack, and sandwiches with option of pre-cooked food as well as customized food on the will of its customers. For this, café made three waiting line: line 1- for pre-cooked food, line 2- for customized food and line 3- for payment.

However, all the lines involve waiting time. Line customer’s face a long waiting time because of the more demand of pre-cooked food. While on the other hand, customized food needs more time to elaborate what needed by the customer, hence consume more time and lastly line 3, also consumes more time as needed. All the lines serve on the basis of “First come first served”. Jason Mah knows that the café needs some major adjustment to attract more potential customers and by facilitating existing customers with more consistent management.Moreover, there is a threat that customers might go for other restaurants because of the miss- management.

Customers face a problem in identifying in which line they are because of rush in peak hours. And also, there is difficulty for the customers to purchase a drink because the drinks were available in between line 1 and 2. Its difficult for the customers to move in such a messy situation. On the other hand, it creates difficulty for the management and slows down the service process and hence leads to increase waiting time and miss management.

Problem Statement

Jason Mah, assistant manager of Cambridge Hall, analyze the critical problem which is faced by the customers of “Café D. Pownd” just after its start up. The main problem is the waiting time in peak hours between 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Café D. Pownd has three waiting lines customers got confuse in which line they are because of the burden of many people in such a small space. Customers also face problem in making payments against the food purchased because of the long waiting time. Also, the Café D. Pownd serving the residence of Cambridge Hall and Nottingham Hall, two different societies, there is a threat that the residences of Nottingham Hall will move to other Café because of the poor management at Café D. Pownd. Jason Mah gather available data just to minimize the waiting time needed for improving management. (Miller, 2014)

Situational Analysis

Jason Mah gather some fact and available data to make some improvemnt in the waiting time, this will help in serving more people ultimately increase revenue of the café. Mah believes that the café’s location is appropriate for attracting many potential customers after just some improvements. The café has three waiting line: line 1- for pre-cooked food, line 2- for customized food and line 3- for payment.

However, the available data represent that around 25 per cent of people wants conventional hot meal rather than self-service snacks and junk food. The estimates show that line face more long time waiting because it attracts more customers rather then line 2 of customized food with the ratio of 2:1.

Revised CAFÉ D. Pownd Layout

Jason Maha proposed a new layout for café D. Pownd for reducing the waiting time. First thing he considered is that the Café is located on a very small space thus create mess in peak hours because of rush. First, he addresses this problem by making some adjustment in the layout of the Café. He makes arrangement for increasing the sitting area and arrange the all lines with some major distance, by doing so he tries to minimize the confusion faced by the customers for identifying in which line they are. (See appendix 1 for revised Café’s layout).(Graham, 2012)

Proposed Reduced Waiting Time

Maha has suggested the proposed waiting time by taking available dataMaha has consider the data by taking average estimates and cut down the waiting time by assuming average measurements. The café is located at appropriate best place to attract potential customers.

While after entering the cafeteria, people encountered with three different lines with all together. The first one is a counter for pre-cooked meal that is L1, in this counter the residents of Cambridge Hall are served more quickly and proficiently, the time needed for serving is less than 2 minutes. In spite of that people have the drinks counter with pre-cooked meal. So, people will to get confused about lines and they do not have make efforts to get drink and meal even in the surge period…………..


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