Café D. Pownd was a newly established on-campus cafeteria located at National Academy of Liberal Arts (NALA). National Academy of Liberal Arts was significantly large institution along with 30,000 students. The campus had six different residence, all residence under the supervision of a full-time manager. The Cambridge Hall and Nottingham Hall whereas were sharing some services only one manager were supervising both of them. The cafeteria served almost 450 resident in Cambridge Hall, as well as approximately 100 residents from Nottingham Hall, and rest of the residence located across the street. The cafeteria served a popular eating place; it offered a wide variety of hot meals, beverages, salads, desserts, snack, and sandwiches. The cafeteria was open on Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and was closed on weekends and holidays.

Moreover, Café D. Pownd was suffering a problem in its current layout. The cafeteria appeared extremely mess-up,could not manage the service during the peak time (between 5p.m. and 6:30 p.m.). The cafeteria were three main waiting lines L1, L2, and L3. L1 was pre-cooked, all resident was to select items from the daily offerings (e.g. hamburger and French fries) for service from one of two servers. L2 was interactive cooking’s, it allowed residents to choose the actual ingredient that they want in their meal, and one of two chefs prepared it. L3 was the payment of the food, there were two cash registers in the cafeteria, but most of the time only one was open, even during the peak period.

However, the waiting lines of the cafe teria were served on “First come first served” basis. Jason Mah, the assistant manager of Cambridge Hall, was aware of the situation and proposed some improvements to the residence management.On the other hand, there were strong possibility that customer might use other alternatives if they were not decreased the waiting times. In addition, the residents had other options for meals; they were equipped the both residence (Cambridge Hall and Nottingham Hall) with a furnished kitchen. In general, Mah had to investigate the issue and take appropriate measures to resolve the situation. In current layout, café had three lines, pre-cooked and interactive cooking were next to each other. The pre-cooked line interfered with the interactive line. In other words, in order to get drinks, the customer had faced a crowd through a line of people in drink area next to the interactive cooking. It was an annoying situation that, the people was trying to get a drink and the people who had to get out of the way. On the other hand, it was slow down the service, and ultimately the queue was build up long enough. Mah hoped that there was no major investment required to resolve this situation and proposed some improvement to the residence management.


The cafeteria faced problem in its current layout during the peak time (between 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.).The problem was that the people had no idea in which line they were in, due to lack of space. The cafeteria had three waiting lines, in which the people had no idea about which line was pre-cooked and interactive cooking. In times, when people had been lining up in the interactive cooking but they actually wanted to be in the pre-cooked line. Moreover, the customer might use other alternatives if waiting times were not decreased.


The Café D. Pownd wanted to reduce the waiting time in order to facilitate the more people during the rush period. Mah knew that some improvement in the current layout had a great impact to reduce the waiting time. However, Mah observed that around 25 per cent of people were entering in the cafeteria, was not opting for a conventional hot meal rather than opted for self-service snacks and junk food. He estimated that the pre-cooked line attracted more people than the interactive line by a ratio of 2:1.

Following are the proposed improvement in the current layout of the cafeteria. However, in that case,they can reduce the waiting time and provide the service more efficiently.

When people entered in the cafeteria, there is three separate line along with the each other. In L1, there is a counter of pre-cooked where are sident of Cambridge Hall served more efficiently and the time required is less than 2 minutes. However, the customer would get drinks next to the pre-cooked. In that case, there is no confusion in the line and people would not enough time to get efforts and drink even during the rush period. In the previous layout, in order to get a drink, they had face dover crowded  through a line of people. Usually, this confusion caused distress and was somewhat annoying both the person was trying to get a drink and get out of the way. In such case, they had suffered more to receive their food from the pre-cooked line. Moreover, the 20 to 30 second of the service time was due to customers asking for the information about the meals that they were offerings. However, in that case, the queue was build up long enough.The following proposed current layout requires less time and operate the operation in more efficient manner……..

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