This Case is about  Finance


The cafe serves meals, drinks, salads, desserts, snacks and sandwiches. The students are paying for the meals through students cards via an electronic payment process within the campus area.

During the summit time, the waiting time creates difficulties for the students. The cafe is facing trouble of waiting time and students have already started looking for an alternative of the cafe. Mah is one of the students who is searching a way to solve the issue in order to suggest to the management of the campus so that they have noticed this issue.

These service supervisors come under the oversight of manager that serves all the home services segments. The services segment has its own two levels that include the home advisers along with assistant home supervisor. However, ARM and RA who is the full-time supervisor met to talk about the issues with the home.

Nottingham Hall and Cambridge Hall are sharing a number of services so that is resulted in a single supervisor that is supervising both of the residencies. RA’s and ARM are met bi-weekly to talk about the issues of Nottingham Hall residencies and Cambridge Hall.

The cafeteria was designed in the manner that it has three waiting lines such as L1, L2, and L3. Line 1 is devoted to precook meals and there is the record of serving food things. Line 2 is dedicated for the interactional cooking station where students are select the key ingredients for their meals. However, line 3 is dedicated for payment of the meals.

These lines during the peak time are short enough to disturb portion of drinks as well as to create the interference for the each of the lines. As no one knows which line is especially for which purpose, the lines layout is problematic for the students.

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