café d. pownd Case Solution

On the other hand, in L2 interactive cooking, the resident of Cambridge Hall served less than a minute. However, the proposed improvement in the current layout gives a great impact to operating smoothly in the service. People would not annoy to get drinks, without too many hassles. Furthermore, the required time in the interactive cooking would be reduced, and people would serve in less time. In the previous layout, the line of pre-cooked and interactive cooking was right next to each other, so in that case, the drink machine area also affected the line of interactive cooking. The maximum length before it interfered the interactive line was not more than ten people, while it was closer to the drink machine. The people were affected if the interactive cooking line exceed sten people in this line. On the other hand, the following proposed current layout placed the drink area between the pre-cooked and interactive cooking. So that the line of interactive cooking would not be affected and people in this line would not face any difficulty in receiving the service.

Moreover, in the previous layout, in L3 the payment line would take less time as compared to the both line. In such case, the customer would take average less waiting time other of two lines. In the previous layout, the lines were too long if the drink machine problem happened. In such case, a barrier formed in the salad bar if the length was longer than five people.Moreover, in the cash register,some items were not recorded in the database, so the waiting time in the payment required more time. However, the propose current layout people required less time in L3 and moved line faster than the other two lines.

The current layout reduced time more than 3% in the service. However, during the peak period, the length of the time would also reduce, and there is less annoying to get out of the way. Moreover, the drink area would easily serve the customer, and there is no confusion among the customer to get the drink.


          In there commendation, Mah should have to structure the current layout in the proper arrangement. During the rush period, the average time was around ten minutes in pre-cooked. However, the following proposed changes in the current layout would reduce the waiting time, and they operate in an efficient manner. He should assure that the cash register would be working properly especially in the peak time.

Although, he served approximately two-third of the residents during the peak period. He should have to structure the layout accordingly so that the cafe would face no difficulty in operating during a rush period. Furthermore, the pre-cooked would take less time as compare to interactive cooking. In such case, the length of the time in pre-cooked would reduce than the interactive cooking. He should also provide menu instead of the person providing the information about its offering.

However, in that case, the time required for providing the information would reduce, and it could support to faster the service. The pre-cooked and interactive cooking would place in between drink area so that the two line would not interfere………………….

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