Business Environment Analysis Case Solution & Answer

Business Environment Analysis Case Solution


Single used plastic is made up of polymers of petrochemicals mainly polypropylene (PP); high-density polyethylene (HDPE); low-density polyethylene (LDPE); linear lowdensity polyethylene (LLDPE); and polyethylene terephthalate(Dominic Charles, 2021). They are non-recyclable plastics which cannot be biodegraded. They are most used in primary packaging like bread packing, medicine packing, shopping bags, cutleries and various everyday items of our needs belonging to health, fashion, clothing, and food industries. The reason behind their widespread use is their durability and light weight. Single use plastic has lighter weight of paper, durability of metal packaging, elegant appearance of glass.

Single use plastic was first introduced in 19TH century in US. They were primary made to preserve food and keeping it fresh for a longer period, to avoid food wastage. Their use soon became widespread due to their cost-effectiveness and inertness to most products. For they will not interact with food or medicine to change their chemistry.

According to a report of 100 companies are responsible for 90 percent of the worlds single use plastic (Dominic Charles, 2021). Top manufacturers of single use plastic like ExxonMobil, Dow, Sinopec, Indorama Ventures,Saudi Aramco and PetroChina (Dominic Charles, 2021)are leading the list, while top investors of single use plastic include countries like Saudi Arabia, U.S, China, U.A.E and India. About 50 of the top single use plastic manufacturing companies use E-grade plastic (lowest grade), while 26 of these manufacture D-grade to support for goods of companies like Coca-Cola and Unilever. Major products that involve the use of single use products include plastic bottles, film packaging, food packaging, trash bags, retail bags, sheet packaging, and medicinal product packaging. (Dominic Charles, 2021)

Environmental forces that impact business:

Single use plastic is responsible for water, air and land pollution and it is in fact the major source of water pollution. It accumulates in water to become part garbage patch which spreads micro plastic everywhere on the planet through water/air currents or water cycle. Single use plastic is mostly made up of polymers that are non degradable by bacteria and fungi as result this material accumulates in environment.

Hence sole way of their disposal becomes burning them which is again harmful to living beings and environment equally since burning this petroleum based single use plastic produces harmful gases like nitric oxidic and carbon monoxide that damage the environment, especially the ozone layers letting the rich access of sharp UV in our planet, which eventually causes health problems like skin cancer. In addition to these artificial ways of degrading these plastics produces harmful chemicals that end in living organisms’ body by one or another. More than a hundred of aquatic animals including oyster and fish larva engulf them as food and manifests adverse effects like decreased fertility and decrease appetite (PARKER, 2019). However national geographic research suggested that plastic wasn’t only found in 100 aquatic species, but it was engulfed by land animals too and cause their deaths too. In addition to this single use plastic absorb other environmental pollutants like bis-phenol which causes endocrinal, dermal, and respiratory pathologies in living organisms………………………..

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