Burberry in 2014 Case Solution

Burberry in 2014 Case Solution

Due to these five strategies, the company’s sales for check increased to 10% and another 10% featured the check in seasonal color. As per the analysis of the business, it is analyzed that 40% of the targeted audience preferred to buy Check design and nearly 40% did not feature the check design at all.  However, Burberry believes that the design of check is also an additional feature which makes it attractive. In 2012-2013, as per the annual report, the company became the top listed 100 global brand in the world. Moreover, in the global market, the company earned revenue of 1,999,000,000 pounds with 8% increase in the operating profit. The company also became the most followed luxury brand in Facebook (16m), Twitter (2m), Instagram (1.25), and in YouTube (25m). These strategic decisions improved the proficiency of the company and brought profitability in the business. Therefore, these five strategies had a significant impact on the company sales, which is why I preferred to discuss these five strategies.(Anita Elberse , 2015).

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When the company was associated with the football hooligan, the reputation of the company was severely damaged. However, when the new CEO, Angela Adherents, joined the company, she established more strategies which were merely based on the core heritage of the Burberry. To improve the performance of the business, it used the celebrity endorsement strategy. In celebrity endorsement strategy, the company provided its garments to portray the correct image of the brand.  As per the analysis of the company, it is identified that the company achieved short-term success, however it did not earn long-term progress in this process. The company should maintain those strategies, which improve the company’s brand image in the long-term. The company should focus on differentiation strategies, which can create differentiation in the product over its competitors. On the other hand, the company should focus on the change management approach. The change management plan includes the following process:

Step: 1 Engage the top and lead the change: (the company should build change element in its design and leadership team and also prepare communication plan as well as cultural assessment.)

Step: 2 Arrange and break the barriers: (develop the communication programs and organizational-wide change program, maintain the cross-functional group, and identify the key change agent).

Step: 3 Mobilize the organization and create ownership: Measure the change, focus on changing learning and knowledge process, cheaper garments plus accessories such as belts, jewelry, cloths and roll out the communication process…………..

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Burberry in 2014 Case Solution
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