THE BROWSER WARS Case Study Analysis

Situational Analysis

Netscape was the first to release “Navigator” as the flagship browser, in December 1994,which led it to capture half of the browser market share, but later on, its rival came up with competitive strategy. This led Netscape to lose its 35-points market share, and eventually the company ended up being acquired by America Online (AOL).

Netscape’s Critical Success Factor

Barksdale, the President and CEO of Netscape’s, made an insider team by gathering experienced people from software industry; – “Marc, Bark, and Clark”.The team believed that communication ability will become important than other devices, and the information flow will be accessed through browsers in future. For this, Netscape offered complete client/server solutions (Navigator browser), because they believed that browsers and servers are equal. From its very start, Netscape faced tough competition form large and small companies, such as Microsoft and others. Thus, the team’s first focus was on cross-platform development. For this, it made its server available to run on UNIX and also on Microsoft NT, and its browser could work over 16 operating systems (OS).

Open standards were considered as the important element by the Netscape. Netscape chose different strategy as compared to Microsoft, to compete in the software market by adopting the open and non-proprietary strategy, which led it to provide the best open standards. Additionally, Netscape uses “technology innovative strategy” for its browsers. Its focus overweb browser market yields it the first mover advantage in this industry. The releasing of “Navigator” as the flagship browser allowed extensions to hypertext markup language (HTML) and made it a top pick along with some attractive features. Netscape included number of products in its product line, each having advanced features, with the passage of time……………….


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