BP: The Transformation of a Corporate Mind-Set – Act Two: John Browne Case Solution

This Case is about Family Enterprise

published: 01 Jan 2007

The two situations collectively will supply a historic context to go over the improvement of BP over the previous two years, and this brand-new instance will be beneficial to evaluations of John Browne’s dream and method, as well as conversations about future instructions under brand-new authority. The case handles problems of change and business and nationwide societies in a global company. Mentor purposes consist of: – Dealing with the principles of activate of modification and barriers to alter – Exploring the characteristics of the organizational and specific transformation procedures – Analyzing the function of the Chief Executive Officer in the improvement procedure – Highlighting the value of a “worldwide mind-set” and cultural relativity in global companies – Talking about the methods which business culture is formed and altered, and the business culture and prices of “lead” business like BP.

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