Boulevard Sandwiches Case Solution & Answer

Boulevard Sandwiches Case Solution 

Part: A

1. Introduction

1.1 Background

Boulevard sandwiches is the sandwich shops which was initiated by Thomas. She initiated the business in 2007 in downtown Sandown, Virginia. She managed the shop with more than 3 years with specific recipe and market pricing strategy with affordable prices. Her motive was to be the no1 shop in the city with the best environment and place. The interior of the shop is the highly attractive with the menus post on the wall with their prices. By the passage of time, she increased the business and owned four shops with in the city with high customer preference towards the shops. She intended to add the breakfast menu in the shops with reasonable prices. However, she managed the chain of her shops with highly efficient strategy of attracting menu with variety of different soups, several dishes, starters and main course.

1.2 Problem Statement

The case resolves the problem statement where Thomas has found difficult to manage all the four shops by herself. As she has grown her business, her management strategies have been affected because the Unit 2 manager showed the falsified report and after that she managed the shop by herself. As there is a high difference in actual and planned budget, she has appointed Philips as the manager of Unit 2, she intends to make the extensive planning where the efficient strategies should be executed and appropriate budget should be made which can be structurally planned which can increase the profitability and improve the sales.

1.3 PEST Analysis

Political: The political factors for any business matters a lot. As Virginia has higher influence of political policies in the government which provides the suitable environment for a y business. The standard policies and laws for the country are quite favorable to run any business. The Boulevard sandwiches has the significant political factors in Virginia to grow the business.

Economical: The economic condition plays the vital role for the growth of any business. As Virginia, has sustainable economic condition where the per capita income is average. The standard of living is not much higher but not so poor. The business must keep the affordable prices of goods as accordance to the economic condition. The Boulevard sandwiches has the favorable-economic condition as it has the affordable prices of sandwiches and other items.

Social: Socially, the people are fond of eating the fast food items and also love to dine out. Boulevard sandwiches has the higher impact of social factor as it has the food item business. Moreover, they are attracted with the affordable local chains who provider the fresh food with hygiene.

Technological: technological factors are the most important thing for running the business. The business needs automation, technological advances and computerized system in contemporary world. As far as the technology is concerned, boulevard sandwiches have suitable technological advances but not sufficient to run in the global fast food lack of management database and computerized system.

Environmental: the environment of Boulevard sandwiches has quite favorable factors. As they have fast food item business which has fresh food menus which has the healthiest meal and suitable for the people. Moreover the ecological factors are significant and don’t have harm to the business.

Legal: Legal factors are highly implemented in Virginia as the food authority has the monitoring on the restaurant and fast food items. Moreover, the government policies are adequate which aids in growing the businesses and provide the tax relief as well…………………..

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