Bombardier Case Study Solution

Arguments against the Acquisition:

Although there are many advantages of the acquisition of CARRANZA, there are many disadvantages as well which flow towards both the companies as a result of the acquisition. It can be said that numerous acquisitions and disposals of CARRANZA have affected its productivity and efficiency of its products. There is considerable evidence available in the case study which depicts that acquisitions have a negative impact on the performance and culture of CARRANZA. There can be serious cultural mismatches between the management of both the companies, especially the culture of CARRANZA might be too complex because of the association with various companies. On the other hand, there had been some quality issues in the trains produced by CARRANZA which might have a negative impact on the reputation of Bombardier. Additionally, Bombardier might have to face some restrictions on the regulatory authority such as EU because of the increased dominance of the train manufacturing industry which might again impair the reputation of Bombardier.

Pressing Issues

There are many pressing issues in the integration of the acquisition of CARRANZA. Many industry analysts believe that there is some mismanagement in the operations and after sales service departments which are reducing the quality of the products of CARRANZA. However, the management of Bombardier considers these departments a good complementary assets of CARRANZA. It can be argued that management of Bombardier are considering the acquisition in any way that they are not properly highlighting the weaknesses of CARRANZA which can have an adverse impact on the long-term performance of both companies. The management of Bombardier is too optimistic regarding the performance of CARRANZA. Furthermore, Bombardier is also not giving proper attention to the cultural issues of CARRANZA, many acquisitions and mergers fail just because of the clashes in cultures of different organizations and same can happen here. This is particularly because of the frequent changes in the operating culture of CARRANZA, after the acquisition every parent company wants to implement their culture and same will be done by Bombardier.

Degree of change at Bombardier

It is recommended that Bombardier should bring some slight changes in the culture of Bombardier in order to integrate successfully with CARRANZA. Furthermore, Bombardier should also have to bring some changes in the business strategies as well. Currently, they are following aggressive business strategies for inorganic growth; frequent acquisition might result in the increased debt burden and liquidity issues being faced by the company. Furthermore, they are also acquiring undervalued companies; it is possible that acquiring company doesn’t have enough capability to generate profits which will result in heavy losses.

Degree of change at Carranza

In order to make integration successful, a high degree of change is required in the management of CARRANZA not only in management, the change should also be incorporated in the day to day operations of CARRANZA. The employees and management have to change themselves according to the culture of Bombardier; the employees should have to receive substantial training regarding the culture of Bombardier Transport. In addition to this, the change should also have to be incorporated in the day to day management of the operation of CARRANZA in order to resolve quality control issues in its trains and to resolve the contract gaining issues.

Post-merger integration plan

The post-merger integration plan of Bombardier and CARRANZA should have three phases which are described below:

Phase One (First Week):

In the first week the acquisition of CARRANZA should have to communicate with the general employees of CARRANZA and Bombardier and the communication should also include the roles and responsibility of the employees in the combined company. The communication should also include the formal presentation of changes in the organizational structures as well.

Phase Two (First 60 Days):

In the first sixty days, the management of the combined companies should have to make efforts in order to implement the culture of Bombardier at CARRANZA. Furthermore, the management should also have to assess whether the per-agreed benefits of the acquisition are achieved or not along with the improvement in the quality of trains produced by CARRANZA.

Phase Three (First year):

In the third phase, it will be assessed whether the stated milestones are continuously accomplishing or not. Moreover, the quality issues will also be a monitor in this phase along with the improvements in contract gaining process. The management should also have to assess whether the toxic activities abound or not………….

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