Boldly Go: Character Drives Leadership at Providence Healthcare Case Solution & Answer

Boldly Go: Character Drives Leadership at Providence Healthcare Case Solution


Josie Walsh is the CEO as well as the president of Providence Healthcare (Providence), which is located in Toronto.Josie wanted to do the strategic planning retreat with the board. Overall,Walsh had brought dynamic changes whether it be a potential crisis or financial health;she made some tremendous innovation sin 4 years of her services, but now some important questions made her rethink of the firm’s strategies,so she decided to have an in-depth evaluation of the problems and made a call to the key members in order to get their valuable inputs regarding the matter.(Reddin, 2017)

Following are the problems that are highlighted and their relevant solutions, which could help Josie Walsh in achieving what she had aimed for:


Absence of Compassion, Hope and Healing

In any organization,compassion helps the leaders in creating stronger connections between the employees’hope and healing should be the pillars to help the community to grow as well as to create a greater value of people’s well-being.

Financial Crisis 2008-2009

In 2008, Providence became the target of financial crisis 2008, which a used several complications and put pressure on Ontario’s health care sector, because there was less amount but the organization was expected to produce more or improved results and there was a major threat of deficit as well. This situation occured when the regulators expected health care organizations to downsize on  their costs and to provide much-improved services.

Different emotions required

The implementation of the fundamental change was nearly impossible without:

  • The question is how to incorporate all these elements?

Not planning for long term goals

There was a need to maintain the momentum and sustain the future. As concerning the situation; it was a challenge for Josie Walsh,because it required crucial thinking regarding how she can establish worthwhile long-term goals and motivate the team to work accordingly.

Absurd Technology and way of working

There was a requirement of an improvement in absurd technology and way of workingin order to get better results,such as: the step taken for the improvement of patients’ inflow.


Life is full of ups and downs, and to grow you have to face difficult challenges, which you might end up failing at,but not considering the failures as a learning opportunity, can be the biggest mistake.

Potential Solutions

Incorporation of Compassion, Hope and Healing

If the company starts working for the compassion, hope and healing; it would not only help the firm to grow but would also play a vital role in community growth and would provide an opportunity for the companies, working for the benefits of community,to have strengthened position in the market. With the help of collaboration levels; trust increases and so does  loyalty. Additionally, it has been proved by the studies that compassionate leaders are perceived to be competent and much stronger than others. A compassionate leader understands and cares about others need of his team members.

To cope up with the problems of Financial Crisis

After the global financial crisis,when the whole financial market had collapsed;the company was facing the risk of deficiency. In order to protect the company from facing such issues due to the risk of any financial problems in future; it should be ensured that the company doesn’t drive its entire focus and investment on one centralized area, as having a diversified investment portfolio would minimize the risks of getting highly affected by the future financial crisis and it would also save the company from choosing harsh methods of coping with financial distress, such as:layoff of staff, downsizing on services and shutting down the patients’ care units

Implementation of different emotions

Fundamental change is focused on the implementation of steps, such as:

  • Identifying the situations that need more focus and prioritizing your task according to the deadline.
  • Enforcing humility, integrity and collaboration make the team grow simultaneously.
  • Leaders should be the risk taker and they should be able to make bold decisions and reasonable judgments to justify their action-sand they should be responsible for the actions taken by them as well as its consequences. The leaders’ motto should be “Think big and take calculated risks”.
  • To do the business ethically;transparency should be the top priority, because it gives a clear and balanced view.
  • To keep the stakeholders motivated and engaged; introduce multiple methods for their participation……………………..
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