Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation Self-Diagnostic: Tipping Point Leadership and Fair Process in Action – Development Tool  Case Solution

This case is about Strategy

published: 31 Oct 2008


Heaven Ocean Strategy implementation self-diagnostic is consisted of a series of penetrating concerns that use executive individuals an useful tool for evaluating the level of firm difficulties that exist in their company and the efficiency of future and previous techniques to conquer them. The diagnostic is divided into areas dealing with the 4 crucial organizational obstacles (cognitive, resource, inspirational, political) and one area on fair procedure.


Pedagogical Goals:

The mentor goals are: (1) to provide executive individuals an useful tool to evaluate the level of company difficulties that exist in their company; (2) to determine locations of enhancement or obstacles in the company of the individual; and (3) to supply a duration of self-reflection where to connect the individual’s knowing within the class with real life program. A mentor note is offered to accompany this case.

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