Question 2

Do you think Chiquita or its management had a choice? Why or Why not?

There are a number of developing countries around the world and they always have to get along with their officials and follow their rules and regulations. They also have to follow the rules and policies of the unofficial organizations in order to survive in their countries. Evan Latin American countries are also included in this category. The political status and the government structure are entirely different in these countries from the western world. Most of the time, educated and civilized people have to engage in such unacceptable activities to survive, no matter how unrealistic it sounds.

Therefore, in my opinion,the situation faced by Chiquita was a very complicated one and this was so far the most complicated situation we have gone through in this class. It is certainly not right at all to give money to the terrorist organizations but the company had all the bad and the good reasons to do that. On theotherhand, it was the responsibility of the high-levelmanagement to protect their employees from any inkling of fear and harm.

Thousands of employees of the company had been murdered, during the Banana Massacre. However, on the other side, the management was paying money to the terrorist groups to do their business in Colombia, profitably. Bananas are one of the most profitable and biggest businesses in Colombia as it is the 13th largest supplier of bananas in the world, therefore, it is clear that the company had economic motives for paying money to the terrorist groups in order to continue doing business in such a profitable country(Bevan, 2008).

The company had the option of not paying the terrorists and they could have left the country but they did not accept this option, however, prosecutorMalisdid not have other options. He stated to the court that the company had the option to leave the country but instead they stayed and showed themselves as a victim of extortion while reaping the profits from their Colombian operations. Thus, this argument of protecting employees, does not stand against any legitimate scrutiny (Teagarden, 2016). This showed that the company did not want to give up their profits and thus continued to pay terrorists.

Although, I cannot imagine myself paying a terrorist group, however, if we presume ourselves in that situation then we too might do the same thing. Also, Idonot have the experience to know as to what would be the right thing to do here, if I were a part of such insurgent and parliamentary groups, which are killing and threatening people on a daily basis. On the other hand, as America is one of the leading countries of the world, it is the responsibility of each individual to act according to the pre-described laws of USA, however, in the case of Chiquita, I think theColumbian government failed to provide the same protective environment, as that of USA.As a result, the company paid the terrorist groups(Robotham, 2005)……………………….

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