This Case is about  IT, MOBILE

PUBLICATION DATE: January 06, 2016 PRODUCT #: W15615-HCB-ENG

A leading international telecommunications business as well as India’s biggest telecom provider – established an open advertising platform that will enable Airtel customers to get mobile applications with zero information costs, Airtel Zero. Application developers would pay for the platform to be joined by Airtel, but would then bring more users to their products. Promptly after its commencement, Airtel Zero was subjected to severe criticism on the grounds that it offended the web neutrality principle, which recommended that content ought to be accessible to customers with no kind of prioritization. Later, in support of web neutrality, Flipkart – a leading Indian ecommerce business – pulled out of the stage. Was Airtel Zero a possible risk to web neutrality? Susmi Routray is associate with Institute of Management Techology – Ghaziabad. Gunjan Malhotra is associate with Institute of Management Technology.

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