Bharti Airtel in Africa Case Solution

In June 2010, Bharti Airtel, the largest mobile operator in India, has acquired the African telecoms assets based in Bahrain Zain for $ 10.7 billion, an offer of my biggest cross-border life in emerging markets. Leaders provide Bharti reproduce the model of high-volume low-cost telecommunications great success they had developed for the Indian masses in Africa. But when they began to integrate business leaders Bharti discovered many unexpected challenges, including cultural differences between its Indian and African workers, poor infrastructure than they had expected with higher than expected costs, monopolistic distribution network, strong competitors, a small ecosystem partners, and a market that did not meet the tariff reductions. In early 2012, a year and a half later, the company has outsourced its IT operations network and customer service as it did in India, has launched a unified brand across the continent, and culturally integrated into their new environment. Key business indicators including profit margins and market share, is showing the first signs of improvement. But questions remain about whether the company will be able to overtake MTN, leader of Africa, through the reduction of tariffs as it did in India, and what your strategy should be in the future.
Krishna G. Palepu,
Tanya Bijlani
Source: Harvard Business School
36 pages.
Date Posted: April 10, 2012. Prod #: 112096-PDF-ENG
Bharti Airtel in solving the case of Africa

Bharti Airtel in Africa Case Solution
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