Bel Brand: The Laughing Cow Challenge Case Case Solution & Answer

Bel Brand: The Laughing Cow Challenge Case Study Solution


The subsidiary of FromageriesBel’s is Bel Brand, is a cheese-maker company located in the Paris, whichoffers high quality cheese as its brand name reflects this. Bel Brand operates worldwide through opening its branches in many global countries, such as: the United States of America, Czech Republic, Japan, Iran, China, Syria, Europe France Morocco and Algeria. At the end of the year 2011; there were 1,300 employees in the Bel Brand, which is the reason why the company was successful in generating the sales of around 1.8 billion US dollar globally, out of which 20 percent sales were from the France, while 80 percent of sales were generated from foreign countries.

Problem Statement

As it is widely known that the star product of Bel Brand is Laughing Cow, so in order to get more success in this brand portfolio; Ann Legan wants to take a crucial decision, which is related to the positive consideration of an effective position strategy for the customers residing in America.

Situational Analysis

The international brand: Laughing Cow is reflected as a family product. In this modern era; the modern tools are used to enhance the brand, such as: advanced brand marketing tools are used to promote any brand locally or globally, for the purpose of establishing a positive brand image. These advanced marketing tools target the children in order to grab the attention of the entire family towards the product. As mentioned earlier that Ann Legan’s core focus is towards the positive brand image of Laughing Cow in the US market, in order to boost the Bel Brand’s sales.

SWOT Analysis

In order to examine the company’s internal performance; SWOT analysis has been performed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the company. In order to examine the company’s external performance; the SWOT analysis has been performed with the opportunities and threats(Martin, 2014).


  • In the year 2003; South Beach Diet recommended Bel Brand, which increased its sales volume.
  • In the year 2006;Bel Brand generated the total sales of 1729 million dollars, which was possible because of the US market from where the third largest sales of the company’s products were generated, with the market share of 10 percent.
  • The family of the owner; Mr. Bel,owns 60 percent shares of La Carbonique,which is an external threat for the competition.
  • The eighty new products have been introduced by the company in a year, in order to meet the customer’s demands and increase the company’s revenue range…………………………………


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