Beijing EAPS consulting Inc. Case Solution & Answer

Beijing EAPS consulting Inc. Case Solution


Analyze the information presented in the case and describe the organizational structure and context?

Organizational Structure and context

BEC consulting firm offers the services of EAPS in the Chinese market. From its initiation, the company hired six employees, masters and bachelors in mainly psychology to understand the employee psychology and offer a counselling and consulting service to the employees. Over the period of time, with the increase in demand, the company developed a matrix structure within the organization.Under this structure, each individual performed multiple tasks in certain situation, sometimes under the particular matrix system each employee has been made to workon 10 projects at a time with different level of skills.This system allowed the BEC to deal with the rising market demand under scarce human resources.

Also, the company pursued the matrix organizational system, in which managers can assign and dedicate work to different employees because, since there has been rise in demand for EAPS programs in china, the labor market remains stiff, offering low number of psychology graduates in the market.However, after 2006, Mr.Zheng,the CEO of BEC changed the matrix system to the project management system. In doing so, the organizational system transformed by implementing two project manager posts in the hieratical system, with powers and authority equal to the departmental managers. The project managers have the authority to assign task to the functional mangers and that of other employees, while the departmental managers also hold the same rights.This similarity in line of command created a hurdle in the dissemination of responsibilities to the employees. Since employees received the commands from the departmental managers and the project managers both, it developed the over lapping of the project responsibilities, effecting the performance of the employees while also creating the ambiguous chain of reposting. This effected the productivity, accountability of the employees and made them to prioritize the work themselves.In addition, since the project management system developed two chain of command, it develops a complex web of communication in the organization.The inability of the employees to identify the actual supervisor or authority developed in effective communication among the employees and the management, leading to ineffective achieving of the project deadlines.

In addition to this, due to the similar role and position of the departmental manager and the project manager in the organization, the project manager failed to assign and disseminate the task to the departmental manger due to same peered level and the equal authority.This may lead to the ineffective handling of tasks in future which may hurt the company’s good will in the market and may hinder the effective management of the projects in the long run.

Organizational Culture

From the initiation, BEC pursued open culture in the organization. In doing so, each employee has the ease to communicate with each managerial level along with the access to each level of the project management process.This allowed the employees to develop a sense of ownership and also develop the multi-skills in different areas of the project management.

Outline the top 2 challenges the organization is facing?

  1. The first and the prior challenge company faces is the right implementation of the project management plan in the organization. Since, Zheng has implemented the project management planning the organization without proper planning of change,it has created the conflict among the departmental managers and the project managers to pursue the project and to disseminate the responsibilities.This dual nature of the organizational structure has also developed multiple chain of commands for the employees among them indecisive to ful fil the particular task first, leading to the ineffective handling of the projects.
  2. The second challenge company face is the development of concrete job roles and responsibilities in the organization.Since in the current situation, each employee performs multiple tasks at one time, and receives multi role orders from project and departmental manger, the lack of job roles and job designs will lead to the ineffective handling of the projects, compromising the quality of service and the achievement of deadlines on time.The effective formation of these roles will allow the project manager to disseminate the responsibilities effectively to the right people without the fear of overlapping work, while it will also allow the departmental mangers and the project managers to work in collaboration while working the projects.

Explain how Project Management Processes could be used to improve the organization’s functioning

Mr. Zheng implemented the project management plan system in the organization and gauged the impact of the plan on the organization, through the project management plan system; the organization has been able to focus more precisely on the particular projects with the right people on boards. Since each employee excels in certain area of function, the project management approach allows the employees to channel their strengths while working in the right project leading to achieve specialization of labor. Also, since under the project management process, each function is breaking down and distributed under the right chain of command, it improves the communication platform for the organization leading to the development of smooth communication strategy that binges each player on the same page, leading to the mitigation of ambiguity and the development of clear work direction.

In addition to this, since the project management process outlines the exploitation of resources across functionally in the organization, it leads to the effective handling of the resources and demand in market. The project manager in high peak times can involve the employees from other departments as well to help meet the deadline. This feature of project management process can be covered under the term flexibility. Project management process allows the BEC to flexibly mold the company’s operations in the time of high demand to meet the project deadline. This feature of project management process offers company the ease to shift, change and transform the roles of the individuals while meeting the deadlines……………..

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