Barbara Norris: Leading Change in the General Surgery Unit Case Solution & Answer

Barbara Norris: Leading Change in the General Surgery Unit Case Solution


Barbara Norris was the nurse manager of the General Surgery Unit (GSU) at Eastern Massachusetts University Hospital (EMU).Fora month prior to her designation as the nurse manager for the troubled unit;she was responsible for managing the staff, scheduling the tasks and creating budgets for the unit. There was an existence of multiple problems in the GSU, and it was Barbara Norris’s responsibility to resolve these issues and make a turnaround for GSU. She was trying to set attainable and realistic policies for the solution of the current issues in the GSU.In order to find out the base cause of the issues;Barbara Norris conducted a meeting with the staff members to get the first-hand knowledge regarding the issues being faced by the employees and the reasons behind their lack of motivation, high turnover rate and low employee satisfaction score etc.

Key Issues

Major issues being faced by the organization as a  whole as well as in the GSU in particular, included:declining patients’ satisfaction scores, comparatively lower employee satisfaction and high employee turnover rate, confrontation, blaming and favoritism based unit culture as well as the lack of team work, which ultimately led to the operational inefficiency in GSU. Along with these challenges, Barbara also faced the dilemma of resolving all these issues related to the GSU, in the presence of high cost-cutting measures due to the economic crisis.

Patient’s satisfaction was continuously reduced, which started to affect the financial health of the EMU negatively. Employees were not satisfied with their jobs and thought that their occupations were meaningless and boring, they had developed a negative attitude, which was leading towards a significant decline in the productivity. There was also the presence of high employ turnover rate due to the dissatisfaction of the employees,blaming and favoritism effect negatively, because of which, the highly talented one’s were unable to getany chance to show their skills and capabilities, which demotivated them and they became uninterested in performing their jobs with honesty. Lack of activities in the team also left negative marks to the entire infrastructure of the GSU, It allowed them to stop collaborating with each other, due to which the employee didn’t think optimistically about their group mates.

Possible Solutions

Being in a critical situation; Barbara is suggested various solutions that could help her in making the turnaround by improving the satisfaction score of the employees and the patients.

Performance Appraisal

There is a dire need of implementing the performance appraisal process, because it leaves positive effects on both the management as well as on the employees. It also gives an opportunity to the  employees to provide constructive feedback. After doing so, the GSU could achieve the employee’s satisfaction, which is of immense important for the organization.(SILVER, 2020).

Promotions & Bonuses

Carrying out promotional activities and awarding bonuses to the employees who are performing bestand are putting in their full efforts. By doing so, the GCUcan leave its reputation of practicing favoritism far behind, helping it in maintaining the reputation of a fair workplace. (BLOOMENTHAL, 2020)………………..

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