Banking on Change (A) Case Solution

This Case is about Family Enterprise

published: 01 Mar 1996

Banking on Change concentrates on essential problems associated with organizational change and culture combination. It takes a look at exactly what took place when a popular Swiss bank obtained a British financial investment bank (names are camouflaged): from the inequality of business cultures, to the aggravation and worry brought on by bad interaction and preparation on the component of the Swiss executives. This case concentrates on the 3 major stages in the improvement method: Phase One: Handling with Organizational and Folks Stress (breaking out of the vicious cycle of aggravation and discontentment with the status quo; Phase Two: Hope – A New Goal (the arrival of an effective change representative, in this instance the Chief Executive Officer of the obtaining bank, who has the ability to establish a favorable relationship with staff members and layout and interact an engaging explanation for the improvement and vision for the future); and Phase Three: Change (guided focal activities to state and set targets intent to transform; specific change in connection to one’s understanding of locus of command, crystallization of uneasiness, approval of adjustment on an individual level; truth check – concretization of benefits, little wins). These aspects are summed up in a display, which will function as a summary of the improvement method.

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