Bank of China Case Solution & Answer

Bank of China Case Solution 


The BOC is the Bank with the biggest transaction between the Chinese banks. It was formed in February 1911, following with the authority given by of Dr. Sun Yatsen. From 1911 to 1950, the BOC operated in a series as a middle banks, an overseas trading bank and an expert in private enterprise bank. Fulfilling its commitment to the public service and the development of the investing services section in China; the BOC has risen towards the lead of the Chinese investing industry and has grown in the overseas investing net work, despite of the fact that the company faced many difficulties and challenges in its initial years.

After 1948, driving with the tag of being a special government-appointed foreign trade;BOC was given the responsibility tosee and run after China’s foreign exchange operations and tgive significant assistance for development of overseas exchange of resources and productive foundation with the contribution of oversea sex change of resources, foreign exchange and foreign exchange. Throughout the redesigning and opening of China;BOC took advantage of the government’s strategic investment and improved technology to grow better exchange of resources expansion, and soon it went on to become a major foreign exchange center by building its competitive foreign investment profits.

In 1993, the BOC changed into a mature government bank. In August 2003, BoCLtd got registered is also registered on the HK S. Exchange and the S. S. E as well in August and September of 2007,it was China’s first privately owned entity to launch general public percentages and to achieve double ratings in Hong Kong and Shanghai’s markets. BOC introduced B Olym Games in 2008,from which new economies were appointed as the most valuable World Bank for the straight consecutive seven years.

Strengths and Weakness of Bank of China

As one of biggest banks;BOCis blessed with numerous powers,which helps BOC in sustaining its business. BOC’s strength gives it the good market share and also helps it to go for new investments opportunities. Following are the main strength of the Bank of China.

  • Big strength incoming of cash: BOC has a powerful inflow of free cash incoming,which provides capital to invest in the new projects of the bank.
  • Trusted distributors: BOC has a solid foundation of the trusted distributors of raw materials that enables BOC toget rid of any barriers of procurement.
  • Powerful Product securities:With time; the BOC has been working very well to build its securities. Strength and weakness analysis of the BOC simply emphasizes on its position. This product securities can be very helpful if a company wants to include more products into its category.
  • Amazing success: BOC’s work force has developed technologies of securing its place in the market, which differentiates the Bank from others. This strategy has helped BOC in developing huge amount of revenues and has helped the Bank in reducing its risk factor by increasing its business.
  • A huge information of merging free firms for union.BOC has successfully integrated a number of technology companies over the past few years in order to improve its performance and to build a reliable network of resources.
  • The Bank has got a majority of talented employees as has very effective programs. TheBOCputs high focus and money on the training and development of its employees, which leads towards having more skilled and expert employees.
  • The use of resources is not done properly by seeing at the future. The live level of assets and the prices of flowing assets suggest that BOC should spend its more saved money than it currently does.
  • The formation of BOC only works with the live framework and therefore puts a wall on the increase in closely looking products categories.

BOC is one of the most famous and well renowned banks not only in China, but also in other countries as well. In 2016, the BOC announced its newest bond, which was called climate bond and was introduced in Europe. BOC has a very good approach to achieve its goal of being the best bank, which it does through giving loans to as much people as possible, and by cash that will be generated from the European bank will be used in China, in order to provide loans and also to earn the interest……………………….

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