Bajaj Autos Case Study Solution

Who seems to have been more successful? Why?

After analyzing the case and the market condition of Ajax Autos and TBS motors, it can be determined that Ajax’s strategic planning and innovation capacity was more beneficial to the company in the market compared to TBS strategy. Ajax spent huge amount of money in its research and development projects to find new and innovate ways to develop its products. It was due to this that the company was able to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors in the market. It could be clearly seen after inspecting the performance of Ajax Autos over the years. It was recognized as one the second biggest manufacturer of motorcycles after Hero Honda, which was considered the biggest manufacturer of motorbike. Furthermore, it can be evaluated that, the innovative capacity Ajax was higher than TBS, attributed to its significant investments in its research and development projects, enabling Ajax to develop STD-i engine, the first of its kind in the Indian two-wheeler market as compared to TBS CC-V Ti engine, which was considered to have stolen certain key pieces of technology form Ajax’s STD-I engine. Therefore, that could be prone to lawsuits in the future, if Ajax motors decided to go through with the lawsuit. The lawsuit would have significant adverse effects on TV’s profitability and revenues stream. Moreover, it was assessed that, the lack of innovative capacity to develop efficient four stroke engine put TBS at a strategic disadvantage in the market, compromising its ability to change with the changing customer’s changing demands. Although, it can be evaluated that, Ajax autos developed and implemented effective and efficient strategies and huge spending on its research and development project enabled them to produce various capacity engine including both two stroke and four stroke engines. Similarly, Ajax had been able to develop high quality, powerful and fuel efficient products, while considering the impact of high emission levels of the environment and finding innovative ways to minimize emission levels. This, in turn, had enhanced the appeal of its products in the market and among the customers and resulted towards increasing their sale revenues generated.

What role does intellectual property play in their respective strategies?

After analyzing the case, it can be determined that both companies namely Ajax Auto and TBS motors developed different engine technologies namely STD-I and CC-V Ti respectively. In light of which both companies patented their technologies under the relevant authorities. It was evaluated that Ajax believed TBS stole certain key technical features from its STD-i engine technology. Ajax threatened to file a lawsuit against TBS, if it didn’t change its engine technology. Therefore, it can be evaluated that, the concept of intellectual property played an important role in the strategic formulation and implementation of strategies regarding both companies. As the intellectual property of a company was developed through its effort and spending in its research and development strategies. Which would enable the company to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors, through the development of new and innovative engine production. Ajax had the capacity to impose intellectual right over its property developed and restrict the usage of its innovative technology from other competitors operating in the market. Therefore, it can be evaluated that, Ajax needs to consider the factors associated with its strategies regarding its patent on STD-I engine technology. Which, in turn, had enabled them to enhance their share in the market and increase its sales revenues generated from the sales of its products in the market. Ajax Autos also need to monitor its competitive, to determine whether other competitors in the market were using the same engine technology, which was under the intellectual property patent of Ajax.

On the other hand, TBS motors needed to consider the impact of Ajax Patent on its own technological innovation. As it was illustrated in the case, Ajax Autos considered TBS engine technology CC-V Ti to have stolen some key technological components from its STD-I engine technology. Which could have significant adverse impact on the future growth prospect of TVs, if Ajax decided to file a lawsuit against them. It would also compromise their ability to ensure their going concern in the market. Therefore, it can be evaluated that, the TBS needed to formulated and implement effective strategies to mitigate the risk of lawsuit form Ajax. Either by changing its current technology through spending on its research and development project. To find and develop new engine technologies that would enable them, to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors available in the market…………….

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