Attack Of The Robo Advisor Case Solution & Answer

Attack Of The Robo Advisor Case Solution 

McLean’s business and robo-advising Overview

The insight of technology is active, nowadays these new startups are working on new transport channels to create a good image in the people’s mind, and they are also fulfilling the their consumers’ needs and are having faster payments and increasing investment opportunities for the people. All these developments have been possible due to technology. Like in the cement industry, the companies are now emphasizing on the health and safety of the consumers through having continuous innovations. To deal with the competitors today, banks have to understand the needs of the consumer and come out with new strategies to serve the consumers in this digital and global world.   Many conventional facilities, including your benefits with modern technology, make better services, such as: refunds for more people. And, online borrowing alongside Robo-advisors is also taking the help of the AI. Robo consultant, as ithas an online portal where they allow the customers for their ratings, where it includes the reduced labor costs, as these services have the customer’s preferences. The company has also focused on the provision of low cost services to its customers.

This new offers include:benefits of social functioning, upgrading, improve the products of Robo consultants, state-of-the-art technology and Cloud computing, which are expected to be developed and used with community, including:technologies progress in the financial companies. With such technological development,Robo advisors is also expected to work for financial incentives, growth viability and sustainable economic development. The products of Robo advisors are not much accepted by the customers due to the lack of information, which continues to lead towards slower adoption status.

Therefore, investigating trust and offering possible recommendations to the quarterly advisorretailers provides the company with an advantage of improving the productivity, industry balance and sustainability.Robo-advising is an advanced electronic funding service that covers all the facilities of the traditional financial services, which are the mixture of both advanced technologies and modern scientific theories. This approach was first implemented in the year 2008, which included millions of investments from several investors, after which, many companies have introduced this approach in the market, which included several new businesses and banks.In inclusion to that,recently, the company has been acceptingthe fact that automatic Robo advisers have increased its investment opportunities immensely and has given an opportunity for the company to have a bright future ahead.


Here we discuss the questions which are asked in the case for further analysis. These questions are as follows:

Ø  How should he address the fee difference between his services and theirs?

Ø  How could he communicate the value he added?

Ø  What value did he add?

McLean should make a new business modelin one of the life insurance companies where few advisors used to sell the insurance policies which he knew. He knew that he would have to work hard to sell multiple insurance policies. And another thing which he can do is to go with the financial planning as other salespeople are selling the policies based on the clients’ needs, tax planning and future planning, as the client has the option to pay either the as a fixed fee for the policy or to purchase the financial policy. For this,McLean would have to get the cfp certification.

He has adopted entirely different changes. He should have sold the shares, prize bonds, or an ETF. First of all, he should become the legal authority and should find a proper sponsor. As the other financial advisors were not facing issues which Mclean was facing. On the other hand, the other financial advisors were looking for high network clients and fulfilling their needs was their priority. Additionally, to catch up with those other financial advisors, Mclean would first have to complete the CSC course to be legally eligible.As it was quite challenging for Mclean to see that how other financial advisors used to approach their clients; he thought that he should do something else, he should think of the best possible solution and change the business model………………………..

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