Athena health Crisis Case Solution

Problem and Obstacles

Question: -11 Customers:

1-      Since the model will work perfect of incorporated the right amount of information, the gathering of information and data entry will posit problem for the Health Care service providers.

2-      The rising costof the maintenance paid annually or semiannually is a problem.

3-      The additional input required to manage the data base and the incorporation of the claims data will be a problem for the customer.

Lastly the switching cost is high from one software to another and will require time and efforts for a prolonged period of time to make the software work in best interest of the healthcare providers.

Question: 11-Players:

  • There are too many players already in the market, making the competition tough and intense, making the businesses cut on the profits to attract the customers, and hence posting the challenge to maintain the customer base and profitability simultaneously.
  • Since the cost of switching is high, the conversion of customers from existing to new business effective is an obstacle.
  • The development of the right criteria to gain mote profits is difficult in the Health Care segment, since the major market is held by the government and then the insurance companies.
  • The development and the effective usefulness of the service is a challenge for the players since more practitionerrely on the local internally build software for managing the patients and internal function of the healthcare.
  • The buyers differ from the actual players in the market.That is, the practitioners or doctors usually not make the decision to purchase but the CFOs and financial advisors.


  • In order to resolve the above issue related to the players, the business should develop clear offerings and its usefulness to the practitioners.In doing so, the business can utilize the different platforms of Digital media and social media that may depict the use of the software’s and its implementation to the focused target Market-Practitioners.
  • In addition to eliminate the problem of Different target making and purchase maker, the business should develop two-way strategy that on one hand offers the essential factors to attract the financial advisors of the company and include factor such as cost and profits to make the project sound to them, while on other hand develop the functional strategy a factors to attract the doctors.
  • Also, to eliminate the data entry and data maintaining obstacles for the customers, the business needs to develop an extensive integrated data management system that collects and gathers the patent data from different points and integrate it uniformly into one channel.
  • To overcome the issue of internally build softwares, the business should employ such techniques and pricing strategy to generate the free trails.Such may result in attracting the local providers to try the new service which may lead to permanent sales or customer conversions.
  • Lastly, the development of the value proposition and product awareness should be pursued by the business. In doing so, direct channel marketing, PR relationships, trade shows and Sales rep technique should be implemented to make the product/service familiar to the providers and the doctors.


The Final Recommendation for the Athena health are:

  • In order to sustain the position in the market,Athena health should develop a clear marketing strategy to offer its services in the market. Indoing so, it first should develop market awareness using the Digital media and sales reps techniques to bring awareness in the market and develop brand equity and brand recognition.
  • Also, the company should slowly yet firmly pursue portfolio strategy. In doings so, it should focus on the Athena clinical project more since the project develops the 50% market value and product awareness and is depicting continuous growth. Such project should be milked with proper funding and financial support to develop right value in the market, that could have led to the development of the competitive advantage.
  • In addition, in the next 3 years, Athena health should remain focus on the development of the clinical product and portfolio and avoid investing into new innovative projects.This will allow the company in maintaining strong substance in the market, focusing all efforts on one project and hence developing an effective and efficient service platform in the market…………………..

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