Atera NYC (C): New Leadership in the Cuisine Case Solution

Supplement to case IMD818. Atera Restaurant, New York City, February 2015. Jodi Richard closed the door behind her with a lots of concerns. She had actually simply come out of the last conference with Matthew Lightner, the executive chef of her two-Michelin-star dining establishment in lower Manhattan. Matthew had actually simply revealed he was giving up to “pursue new chances.” This was the last straw in a long string of occasions that had actually unravelled prior to her eyes. The farewell of the multi-starred chef would leave behind a big vacuum in the dining establishment’s company. Worse, they has actually concurred that Matthew’s farewell would work extremely quickly, by end of March.

The circumstance was crucial: discovering a new star chef for a trendy dining establishment in the affordable lower-Manhattan food scene was mosting likely to be a big obstacle. Numerous other sixty-four-thousand-dollar questions preoccupied Jodi. Should she simply shut down the dining establishment and lease the area out to someone else? Should she alter the dining establishment principle entirely, transferring to something much easier like a sushi dining establishment? Was a journey to Japan to discover a young enthusiastic chef an alternative therein? How would the personnel feel about the chef’s departure? Would they follow the departure indication?

This case is about  STRATEGY


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