Assessment Of Petsmart’s Acquisition Of Petsafe Case Study Solution


This research article is based on the acquisition of Pet Safe by Pet Smart. Pet Safe is an Irish based company, which manufactures pet fences in order to keep all the dogs safe in your yards. Pet Safe is a wireless dog and cat system, whichrecords the activities of cats and dogs while they are away from us. Pet Smart is a United States (US) based company, which has a specialty in the pet animal products. It is one of the biggest retail chain stores in America, whichprovides food, furniture habitants, accessories and other related services regarding  pet animals. The pet animal services are related to dog grooming, training, boarding and other day care facilities. In December, 2014, Pet Smart was acquired by the BC Partners, against the amount of 8.7 billion USD

Comparing Nations – U.S. and Ireland

The HR Angle for US:

The Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensionsfor the United States of America (USA) is describing the fact that in the USA,a unique concept has been applied according to which,  everyone is supposed to feel like they are unequal. America promises and encourage the liberty and justice for all its citizens, so, the individualism is high among the US citizen. This slogan fights for the equal rights from all aspects for citizens and governments. The US society is not supporting feminism, because lower score represents that less citizens are supporting the feminist society, while the higher score of masculine dimension indicates that the US society is a male dominant society.(Hofstede Insights, 2020).

The HR Angle for Ireland:

The Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions for Ireland is describing the fact that in Ireland a unique concept has been applied, in which everyone is supposed to feel like they are unequal. There are several inequalities that are differentiating the power, culture and attitude from one person to another one. Ireland is basically promoting the individual culture,as it is considered that the employees are self-reliant and initiator in the businesses. Irish society is not supporting feminism, because lower score represents that less citizens support the feminist society, while a higher score of masculine dimension indicates that the Irish society is a male dominant society. They are not focusing on the long-term orientation. Its maintaining ratio from its past dealings with thee future challenges, are very low.(Hofstede Insights, 2020).

The Business Angle for Ireland:

The economy of the Republic of Ireland is present day, moderately little, and exchanges subordinate with development, averaging a strong 10 percentfrom 1995 to 2000. Agribusiness, when the most significant segment is currently overshadowed by the industry, which represents 46 percent of GDP, about 80 percent of fares, and utilizes 29 percent of the work power. Although fares remain the essential motor for the Republic’s strong development; the economy is likewise profiting by an ascent in buyer spending and recuperation in both development and business venture. The yearly pace of expansion remains at 2.3 percent, starting at the year 2005, down from ongoing paces of somewhere in the range of 4 percent and 5 percent.

House value expansion has been a specific financial concern (normal house cost was 251,281 sterling pound in February 2005). Unemployment rate is lower and earnings have been rising quickly, just as administration charges (utilities, protection, social insurance, lawful portrayal, and so on.). Dublin, the country’s capital, was positioned sixteenth, in an overall typical cost for basic items review in 2006 (up from 22nd in the year 2004 and 24th in the year 2003). Ireland has been accounted to have the second most noteworthy per capita pay than any nation in the EU, alongside Luxembourg, and it is fourth most elevated on the planet……………………………..


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