Arise: A Destination for a Day SPA Case Solution & Answer

Arise: A Destination for a Day SPA

Porters Diamond Model

Porter’s Diamond Model is also used to understand some factors which affect the operations of the Arise Corporation.

Factor Conditions

The competitive edge of the Arise Corporation are coaches of personal wellness. The coaches of personal wellness are a competitive advantage of the firm because they manage the good relationship with every customer and handled the customers individually by explaining them every point of the treatment.

Demand Conditions

The major demand of customers towards Arise Corporation is to reduce the prices of services and products of SPA. The competitors have fewer prices as compared to Arise incorporation. The female segment especially bargain for the cost reduction because the priority of female segment is always to take beauty treatment from Arise Corporation.

Supporting and Related Industries

As the Arise offer the multiple services of beauty and health, the product portfolio of the firm is good, which is a major challenge for newcomers to overcome this barrier. Arise corporation also provides its services in the related industries because this thing increases the profitability, brand awareness and market share of the Arise corporation.

Structure, Strategy and Competition of the Arise

The structure of the Arise Corporation was good, which consist on all the qualified specialist from CEO of the corporation to staff members. All the specialist trying to attain the organizational objectives by offering high-quality services. The responsibilities of all the employees were well distributed.

For increasing the growth of corporation the strategy of the firm is to increase the productivity of the employees by giving them advance level of training and also giving them motivation, which increases the performance of the employees. The next strategy of the Arise Corporation is to attract that segment of market whose priority is to take quality services and therapy from Arise by ignoring the high prices.

Existing competitors of the Arise Corporation are offering the same treatment at lower rates. New comers are trying to compete with the Arise by introducing lower priced products. So the competition of the Arise is high in the market.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is the important framework for understanding the internal and external factors relates to the Arise Corporation. In the SWOT analysis we analyze the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats of the Arise Corporation.


The main strength of the company is about 90% satisfied customers from the services and SPA products. Professionals and experienced employees of the corporation aim to accomplish the organizational aim. The Arise Corporation has multiple operations with different type of SPAs. In the market, the firm has a competitive advantage.


The prime weakness of the corporation is higher prices of therapy and beauty treatments. Most of the customers bargain for lower prices and some of them switch to their competitors. Competition in SPAs business is also high and the prices of competitors are also low.


The Arise Corporation expands the business into multiple markets. The corporation must make the portfolio through which the chances of losses are reduced. The Arise increases the number of beauty facials and beauty products because the loyal customers of the corporation are females.


The Arise Corporation has the threat of employee’s turnover because the rate of turnover of employees was high in the period of 2010, which the company improves by introducing multiple reward systems. Another threat for the company is the high costing of labors, resources and operations, which increase the prices of the services and final products.


After analyzing the situation of the Arise Corporation, we recommended the firm must hire an experienced HR manager which works on the human capital of the corporation. HR manager design the job duties and job description which initially distribute the duties in all employees. The raise corporation must design the appraisal system through which the employees feel them motivated and increase their performance. The wages and salaries of the employees should be designed properly. The most important thing is to arrange the meeting on the weekly or monthly basis in which all the things good or bad should be addressed.


After completing the case, we conclude that the Arise Corporation is the well-known for the operations of health and wellbeing of the people. The corporation faces a lot of issues from the establishment of firm to the 2011. The turnover of the employees was high because the employees of the corporation were not satisfied with the salaries and reward system of the Arise. The turnover of the employees reduce by increasing their salaries and updates the culture of organization. Satisfied employees work hard and increase the productivity of the corporation, which also increases the number of customers. The satisfied customers are the important factor for strength the financial performance of the company….

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