AREVA Case Solution

Areva, a leading global market civil nuclear company has positioned itself to capitalize on the resurgence of nuclear energy. However, three issues overshadowed the positive perspectives: (1) loss? 1.7 billion in the construction of the first nuclear reactor in Finland the next generation, (2) the decision of the German company Siemens to withdraw from partnership Areva NP and exercising theirs? 2100000000 choice, and (3) the budget deficit estimated investment? 3 billion in 2008. How Areva best generate cash to finance their investments for 2008 and beyond?
V.G. Narayanan,
Lisa Brem
Source: Harvard Business School
12 pages.
May 13 2009: release date. Prod #: 109092-PDF-ENG
AREVA Case Solution

AREVA Case Solution
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