Apple vs Microsoft Case Solution & Answer

Apple vs Microsoft Case Study Analysis


The organization cannot be prevail without the skilled management strategies and capabilities. This review is conducted to distinguish and compare the strategies followed by the two organizations in software industry for example Apple and Microsoft. The main aim of the review is to comprehend the different management strategies followed by these organizations in getting the advantages in view of the administration life cycle model. Additionally, the concentrate likewise characterizes the issues experiencing by these associations and what are the potential techniques to overcome them.

Brief Overview of the Firms

Apple Inc. is one of the most significant and notable American enterprise settled in Cupertino, California. The organization is well known for making the remarkable electronics and programming like iPad, Mac, Apple watch and so on. Microsoft, on the other hand, is well known US based global organization, settled in Redmond, Washington. The organization is renowned for assembling and permitting of the electronic items, for example, PCs. Apple Inc. focus on the crowd from the metropolitan urban areas, though Microsoft, on the other hand, focus on the audience lives in both metropolitan and rural regions. Both of these organizations follows various methodologies and management strategies to stay ahead on the lookout. When it comes to marketing strategies and implementation, Apple known to be the most effective when comes to its branding and marketing. Whereas, Microsoft, on the other hand is well-known for its usability and durability. Both of these firms are well known for its competitive advantages such as Apple Inc. is well known for its excellent R&D of the product.

Brief Description of the Issues

The managerial decisions straightforwardly affect the company’s competitive advantage and development. Apple Inc. is the most dubious industry. The issues looked by the business includes the vacillation’s for purchaser interest and high work costs. This is because of the fact that the products of the company are manufacturing internationally under the supervision of skilled labors, this subsequently increase the organization’s cost. Moreover, the input component of the organizations are made in the various nations, this reliance on the various nations or outsider party creates the many difficulties for the Apple Inc. On the other hand, Microsoft, has several issues associated with its managerial decisions. One such issue for Microsoft is that its environment is not facing the opposition. One more issue that comes from the market disengagement of the Microsoft organization. For example, the organization sat still for such a long time after the launch of its first item. This market gap and disconnections causes many difficulties for the organization. Moreover, the deficient combination of Microsoft among security and the executive’s devices framework creates many challenges for the company.


Since the organization cannot be prevail without the affective management techniques and strategies, so it is very important for the company to implement the strategies that help the company in prospering future growth and success.  Both of the organizations (i.e. the Apple and Microsoft) are the biggest and notable in the business. Both the organizations have revolutionized the innovative business by giving us two totally different programming applications and contraptions like Mac and PC. As far as the significance are concerned, the firms also have several challenges that affects its future growth and finances. It is very important for them to overcome these challenges by implementing affective managerial economic techniques and strategical plans…………………..

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