Anja Bremmer’s Influencing Challenge Case Solution & Answer

Anja Bremmer’s Influencing Challenge Case Solution

Anja was not satisfied with the team members discussed above. There were many hurdles to the way of the project Best Practices Sharing (BPS), when Anja had to involve the members into the planning and implementation of the planning throughout the divisions. Hence, Anja now has to carry out with a strategical planning to tackle the team along with project development.

First step of Anja and its benefits

Anja organized meeting with the team members, as the first step of project of Best Practices Sharing (BPS). She held interviews with the members who had to work with her. The first step of interviewing and getting knowledge of the team members was very fruitful for Anja. This is because the behaviors of team members were rectified during the interviews. For example, Mary wcame up with the ideas for project development that were beneficial for Anja. Moreover, her experience was meaningful for the Best Practices Sharing (BPS) project development.

It was further identified by Anja that there is a need of conducting meeting at a place where they all can communicate properly. As it was observed by the conversation with the Toshi, that the discussion with him was unclear. Both parties were unable to recognize the theme of the discussion because Toshi was on speakerphone and Anja was conducting meeting on the phone. Moreover, previous association between Mary and Thomas also came into Anja’s knowledge. In addition to this,she also observed Andreas’ strange behavior. Andreas tried to look distracted. He was busy with his emails during interview and he also stated that it would an additional errand for him if he joined this project along his major job of financial analyst.

Anja now has to formulate strategies in order to deal with her members along project development of Best Practices Sharing (BPS). It was critical for Anja to do work before developing plan for the major project. Her first move was thus meaningful to judge the attitudes of the team members with whom she has to work. She understood several aspects of the team members’ behavior patterns through the interviews.

Recommendation for Anja

Anja now has to develop project for Best Practices Sharing (BPS). She has to further develop her team members prior to developing the project and implement it into different divisions of the company. Interviewing team members was the first step that Anja took to gather knowledge about the experience of the core team members of Best Practices Sharing (BPS). Anja has interviewed people who had to work for the project and to also get some ideas for the project development. Hence, it became transparent for Anja that how can she deal with the team members with whom she has to proceed with the project of Best Practices Sharing (BPS).

Anja also had to with the behavior of Thomson and Mary. For the purpose of positive involvement, Anja should take their ideas frequently. When both of the people will see that Anja is involving them a lot in the project, they will not try to argue with Anja for any major suggestion that Anja will eventually has to propose to the company’s management. Furthermore, their participation in the project development and its implementation will be beneficial due to their vast work experience.

Moreover, for Toshi, Anja also has to develop some strategies, so that his participation will be meaningful in the planning and implementation of the project.. Since Toshi is far from the meeting place, Anja needs to postpone important meetings untilall the members can be physically present. In addition to this, Anja has to also deal with Andreas……………

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